They Never Saw It Coming… This ‘Silly Scarecrow’ Prank Is GENIUS!

Despite their name, scarecrows aren’t all that scary, are they? Sure, they’re kinda creepy, but they’re mostly harmless. What with them being made of straw and spending most of their time just standing around in fields and all. But there’s something about this particular scarecrow here… We can’t quite put our finger on what it […]

Check Out October’s Best Fail Compilation Yet!

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ That’s the old saying, isn’t it? Well, we think it all depends. If you’re trying to start a car’s engine in the freezing cold and it won’t turn over, sure – give it another go. Heck, give it a few more tries. But if you’re attempting […]

Prankster Makes Everyone In This Supermarket Feel SUPER PARANOID!

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being talked about? We don’t mean in a weird kinda arrogant way – like everyone’s always discussing how cool you are. We mean, like people whispering about you behind your back type thing. Have you ever heard someone talk about you? How about when they’re on their […]

This Extreme Flesh-Eating Zombie Attack Prank Is CRAZY!

We feature lots of cool, funny and weird pranks here at BoredomBash. And every so often we show you a scary horror prank too. But we’re not sure we’ve ever come across one that’s quite as extreme as this flesh-eating zombie prank from Australian pranksters The Royal Stampede. This here clip is really quite something. […]

Check Out This Hugely Funny Squirting Girls This Extreme ‘Chainsaw Killer’ Prank Takes SCARY To a Whole New Level!

With his Michael Myers mask and Texas Chainsaw massacre weapon, the crazed lunatic in this video terrorizes a Brazilian bus stop. Luckily for those public transport users this is just a prank from Silvio Santos’ popular TV show. That doesn’t stop it being really quite terrifying, though! We certainly wouldn’t have been keen on experiencing […]

Check Out This Hugely Funny Squirting Girls Prank!

German prankster ‘0,5er’ (aka ‘Nullkomma5er’) decided to take it upon himself to cool down some girls that were out and about recently. So he headed out with a joke squirt camera to spray some water on a few of them and help them with the heat. What a gent, huh? Be Sure To Share This […]

This Epic ‘Purge’ Prank Is Totally Terrifying!

If you’ve ever seen the 2013 film, ‘The Purge’ or its recent sequel ‘Purge: Anarchy’, you’ll know that the idea of one night a year that’s totally lawless is a very frightening idea indeed. It was pretty scary for the characters in the movie who knew that Purge Night existed. So just imagine how scary […]

This Public Speaking On Novocaine Prank Is TOO Funny!

Unless you’re a freak, you’ll be like everyone else and hate going to the dentist. It’s not nice, is it? All that scraping and poking and drilling… The one okay part is the novocaine. At least you’re guaranteed not to feel any pain while you’re in there. But that stuff doesn’t leave you in a […]

This Awesome Walking Dead Prank Absolutely Terrified Berlin!

If you like good TV, you’ll already be a fan of AMC’s top drawer show, The Walking Dead. It’s television at its best – gripping, exciting and very, very gory. In fact, if there’s one show you wouldn’t want to come to life, it’s that (unless you like the idea of being attacked by zombies […]