Discover new things you never knew about Katy Perry!!

Who doesn’t love Katy Perry?! She’s like a goddess, and she has a pretty great voice. Many people adore her and her amazing voice, but still don’t know a lot about her. So right here you will find many new things you don’t know about Katy Perry. Discover them all now!!

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Are expecting a baby!!

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Are expecting a baby!!

Congratulations to one of the most beautiful and cutest couples in Hollywood! I personally am a big fan of Leighton Meester, and she will always be Blair Waldorf, the gossip queen, to me. The 29 year old actress/singer showed her belly button on saturday and you can tell that she has probably passed her first […]

Groupon Sells Useless Condoms Which Cannot Prevent Pregnancy!

Groupon company exposed recently that it presents some condoms to the market that may not prevent pregnancy, which means that they are completely useless. Indeed, these condoms can also carry some diseases which affect users’ health, so watch the full details in the video and do not forget to leave a comment.

What Do Kids Think About Sex?!

As you know kids think about everything, there are many questions in their tiny little brains, but what do they know about sex? They seem to learn about sex earlier now, thanks to the TV and Internet, but it’s still complicated for them to fully understand this process, so they understand it in their own ways, now you […]

Why Germany Teaches Sex Education To 5 Year Olds?!

It’s a good thing to teach sex education to adults, as it would be very useful to them, but teaching it to 5-year-old kids! That’s weird. Germany has made sex education a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Many parents support it as they think that it doesn’t teach children how to have sex, it teaches them how […]

A Hot Girl Asks Random Guys For Sex! Hilarious !!

Imagine if you were walking down a street and some hot sexy girl stopped you and offered you a sex experiment with her! Don’t think it’s not happening, cause it actually happened! This sexy girl Andrea made this funny social Experiment and asked random guys for sex! Want to know what happened ? Just check out the […]