Protesters in New York City condemn Israeli aggression against Gaza

Protesters in New York City condemn Israeli aggression against Gaza

Thousands of Americans, including Palestinian-Americans have taken to the streets in New York City to condemn the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Chanting slogans, the anti-Israel protesters gathered at Times Square on Sunday and demanded an end to Israel’s airstrikes and the bloodshed in the impoverished Palestinian territory.

The Israeli regime has attacked Gaza 1,350 times since November 14. Over 90 Palestinians have also been killed and more than 700 others have been injured. Some of the wounded have sustained life-threatening injuries.

One of the protesters, Jacob Levine told Press TV that Israel bombs Gaza with impunity because the US enables it to.

“They are able to get away with it because of American support. America is the real terrorist state and as long as America unconditionally supports Israel, the blood of Palestinians will continue to be shed,” Levine said.

A community of Orthodox Jews also joined the rally to show solidarity with oppressed people of Gaza and the families of the victims.


“It’s an abomination. It’s a rebellion against God the occupation of Palestine, the bloodshed that is happening now in Gaza. Our hearts cry for the people of Gaza. Jewish people around the world we are frustrated, humiliated by what is being done in our name,” said Yisroel Weiss of Jews United against Zionism.

In the mean time, the Reporters Without Borders organization on Sunday condemned the Israeli airstrikes on two media centers in Gaza — which wounded several journalists.

The Press TV office building in Gaza City was hit twice in the airstrikes on Sunday. A Press TV cameraman was also injured.

Sunday was reportedly the bloodiest day in Gaza. Thirty-one people were killed during the attacks. Gaza Health Ministry officials said nine members of a family, five of them children, were among the victims.

Also on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said the military is prepared to “significantly expand the operation” against Gaza.

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