US govt. killed Swartz, says father

US govt. killed Swartz, says father

US govt. killed Swartz, says father

Aaron Swartz was “killed by the government,” his father, Robert Swartz said at Aaron’s funeral Tuesday morning in Highland Park, Illinois.

Swartz said his son was “hounded by the government, and MIT refused him.”

“He was killed by the government, and MIT betrayed all of its basic principles,” he said.

Aaron, 26, was found dead on Friday of a reported suicide.

“Aaron did not commit suicide but was killed by the government. Someone who made the world a better place was pushed to his death by the government.” Common Dreams


Swartz had been facing charges of breaking into Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s computer system to access academic articles from the JSTOR digital library with the intention of making them freely available. The Guardian

Swartz died weeks before he was supposed to face a trial on accusations of illegally downloading academic journal papers. If convicted, he could be given a long prison term sentence.

Many have considered his death very suspicious. Aaron Swartz was a supporter of open access to information, and was a key figure in the campaign against the U.S. Congress plan for Internet censorship.

He was also among many individuals who have defended the rights of targeted individuals by publicly criticizing Obama’s so-called targeted kill list and other policies. Examiner

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