Nobody Touch The Dog – Stop Dog Cruelty and Tortures in China

Nobody Touch The Dog – Stop Dog Cruelty and Tortures in China


Dear Mr. Obama and Dear Mr. Barroso,

We are all world citizens and were shocked to see how the Dogs are treated and killed in China, as you can see directly from this video link:

We do not need words, because we don’t have any word, to comment on the brutality…

We ask for an end to the terrible practice of eating dog meat and tortures to which the dogs are subjected in China.

We ask Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso President of the European Commission and Mr. Barack Obama to convey our request to the Chinese government.

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  2. says

    vaime es ra vnaxe , cudad var. amat unda gaadzro tyavi cocxlad the unda moxarsho. me tviton gavadzrobdi amat tyavebs tvalsac ar davaxamxamebdi mgoni, sacyali dzaglebi :(((.

  3. Ninuca Mukhiguli says

    Vaimee ra sashinelebaa!!!! Rogor sheidzlebaa ese??!!!!!ra araadamianoba,puuf ra borotebii ariaan.cudad gavxdii sawkalii dzaglebii:((((((( :'((

  4. says

    amati ujisho deda movtyan ritsheidzleba exla amis gamosworeba the rit davexmarot? chemma lekvma am videos rom vuyurebdi ucnaurad daiwyo yefa the amvideos yureba gavgijdi.

  5. Mziko Kokozashvili says

    gmerto maparie magram unda amowydnen es nagvebi :@ :@ :@ cxovels rogor imeteben mosaklavad kiara mosaxarshat :@:@:@:@ vaimee mokvdiittt! mokvdit tqve araadamianeboooo ::@:@:@:@ mokvdiittt :@:@:@@@.

  6. Otari-enameler Navrozashvili says

    დედის ამათამ კართოფილი ან ცარიელა პური ყელზე დაადგებოდათ.
    სადისტური მიდრეკილებაა!

  7. Chris Mercer says

    fuckin evil chinese bastards,and south koreans (not all of them btw) that have no compassion,this needs to be stopped now!!,barbaric,twisted beliefs that have no place in this world and it needs to be recognised by the powers that can stop this horrible trade,eating live fish,frogs and whatever they can is wrong on every level,its the worst thing i have ever seen

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