Top 15 Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2013

Top 15 Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2013

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Every year, think-tank Seguridad, Justicia y Paz releases a list of the Most Dangerous Cities in the world. Statistics are based on the city’s murder per capita rate, or how many murders per 100,000 residents.

As a region, Central and South America bests all others becoming the most deadly due to the War on Drugs, gang violence, a weak economy and police corruption. Outsiders are quick to blame the citizens of Central America for not being proactive in dealing with crimes, but in a place where law is subjective it’s better for residents to fly under the radar than become a target. Contract killers can be hired for less than $100 USD and gangs will rid themselves of anything, or anyone, that gets in the way.

Hundreds of thousand of tourists visit the listed cities and their areas every year without problem, but heed caution and take into account the price paid to travel among the most dangerous cities in the world.

Top 15 Most Dangerous Cities in the World 2013

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  1. Brandon Lesche says

    they're going by murders per capita. i can hardly believe it but Detroit doesn't come close to these places. Nor Los Angeles.

  2. says

    but thats cause here in detroit theres only like 700,000 people left from the 2,000,000 it had 20 years ago either they got killed put in jails out of the city of detroit or moved away

  3. Sami Ulus says

    Baghdad is not a war zone anymore and cant even be compared to the animality of these drug-depending cities.

  4. Victor Arreola Barron says

    Brandon Lesche i guess for you is hard to believe… but trust me… i'm from guadalajara mexico and cities like acapulco, culiacan and torreon… not to mention tijuana, distrito federal and the whole state of michoacan they live in a complete nightmare… here in guadalajara about 2 years ago a drug cartel kidnapped random people ( 30 person more less and killed them and put them in trucks nearby the main avenue in the city… just to show people and goverment who rules..

  5. says

    I am amazed that no U.S. cities are included. Right now Chicago's murders are over 200 for the year and it's got one of the lowest in the country. I think they did not check the facts very well, or this is just U.S. propaganda.

  6. says

    i cant compare detroit with caracas or tijuana , or guadalajara , i am comparing it to some cities in brazil ! i am pissed from something ! why they do bad propaganda about brasil while in usa alot of homicides happens every single minute !

  7. Chango Migraña says

    they're not included because in murder/violence/corruption related issues you're still wearing diapers. Watch and learn (from mexican and hounduran cockroaches).

  8. Chango Migraña says

    I'm from torreon and all said about my hometown is, yeah, sad but true, well it was, it's kinda back to normal almost nowdays… pd totally safe for gringos and canadian potheads. by the way…

  9. says

    can´t even compare cities in the US to these places in terms of numbers related to crimes! wake up! still of course the situation in these cities are directly conditioned by american economical foreign policies and political influence and so on. not to mention cities that became warzones with they´re "help". plus the drugs coming from some of these places are (more) peacefully commercialized in the US and other countries. the big killing stays there at the source mostly :P

  10. says

    we in the western elite world always want to think we live in "biiig daanger"! we don´t! they do!!! and will continue doing so we can have our safe lifestyle and social benefits and all that "poison" people need so we continue our safe war against all other cultures

  11. says

    Where are your sources. I find it hard to believe that all these cities are located in Latin America. You mean to tell me that no city from the Middle East makes it to this list? There's bombings happening daily over there, this list is not accurate.

  12. Niles Hartley says

    Hussein Abbas How fucking hard is it to understand that this is based off murders per capita? Maybe if any American city had murder rates higher than the cities mentioned in this list they would be on the list to. Go fucking figure, right?

  13. Vinicius Teixeira says

    "The most dangerous cities in the world" OR "The most dangerous cities in Central/South America?" C´mom, full of crap…

  14. says

    Yea the title cannot really be reflecting the truth about the most dangerous cities in the world. Alot of places in the middle east should be in this article. They arent mentioned probably because the system doesnt keep a log on the murder rates there

  15. Thiago Vita Baraúna says

    as unidades pacificadoras que voce fala no texto sobre Salvador, que existem no Rio de Janeiro, não tem nada a ver com melhorar as relações com a comunidade. é a policia querendo controlar o tráfico de drogas, e o fazem através da invasão das favelas, com execuções, despejos, estupros e tortura. Moro em Fortaleza e aqui teve mais assassinato ano passado do que São Paulo. A situação está tensa no país todo.

  16. Maciej Sitko says

    Here you go genius! Let's take a look…

    -Los Angeles for 2012

    Homicides: 294
    Per 100,000 residents: 7.7

    -Detroit for 2012

    Homicides: 411
    Per 100,000 residents: 53

    (Detroit is the most violent city in the US)

    Now, just go and take a look at the first two Latin or Middle America cities, uhmmm…

    -Caracas for 2012

    Homicies: 3,862 !!!
    Per 100,000 residents: 118.89

    -San Pedro Sula, Honduras for 2012

    Homicides: 1,218
    Per 100,000 residents: 169.30 !!!

    IN case it doesnt satisfy your "propaganda", take a look at total Homicide number in Brazil from 2000 year until now! You would be amazed with such a humongous number. Here you go, really, its total is bigger than the death toll total of every war after WWII summed up. And that is only for ONE country in such a short time, long live Brazil!

    Homicide in the USA isn't really that high than the rest of the world, especially Latin America or even worse places, in terms of mafia and other violence.

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