Why Baby Carrots Should Be Avoided

Why Baby Carrots Should Be Avoided

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Why Baby Carrots Should Be Avoided

What could I possibly have against these cute little “healthy” snacks that can be found in school lunchboxes across America? Well as it turns out many “baby carrots” aren’t actually baby carrots at all…


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  1. says

    Can you site any sources to back up your claims? I know that baby carrots I've eaten are not ground up and processed. They do appear to be full size carrots that have been cut and trimmed. And if by "bathed in chlorine", you mean washed with tap water, technically you would be correct. I think this article is bullshit, or you spin it to cause hype. It needs to be backed up with sources of facts and research.

  2. Matt Caves says

    "Manufactured baby carrots are a result of taking all the broken and “ugly” big carrots they can’t put in the package, grinding them all up, processing them into the “baby” carrots and giving them a bath in chlorine to give them a bright happy orange color."
    – They are not ground up and processed; they may be cut down from larger carrots, that is all.
    – The chlorine is not used to give them colour; it's used as an anti-microbial treatment, as it is with almost all cut and ready-to-eat vegetables.
    – They aren't bathed in chlorine; they are treated with it, and it is subsequently washed off.

    As Joey said below, this article is just being sensationalist, there is no need for it.

  3. Matt Caves says

    It doesn't to me either, and I'd much prefer to eat organic carrots/vegetables! :) BUT they could have much more credibility and still got the point across if they presented the facts, not some sensationalist crap…

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