Monsanto, The Company That Brought You Agent Orange and Birth Defects

Monsanto, The Company That Brought You Agent Orange and Birth Defects

Monsanto, The Company That Brought You Agent Orange and Birth Defects Introduces GMO’s In Your Food

And They Don’t Want You to Know What’s In Them.

Spraying millions of gallons of toxic herbicides over vast areas of South Vietnam. These chemicals exposed almost five million people, mostly civilians, to deadly consequences. The toxic herbicides, most notably Agent Orange, contained dioxin, one of the most dangerous chemicals known to man. It has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen (causes cancer) and by the American Academy of Medicine as a teratogen (causes birth defects).

From the beginning of the spraying 51 years ago, and even today, millions of Vietnamese have died from, or been completely incapacitated by, diseases which the US government recognizes are related to Agent Orange for purposes of granting compensation to Vietnam veterans in the United States. The Vietnamese, who were the intended victims of this spraying, experienced the most intense, horrible impact on human health and environmental devastation. Second and third generations of children, born to parents exposed during the war and in areas of heavy spraying hot spots, suffer unspeakable deformities that medical authorities attribute to the dioxin in Agent Orange.

The Vietnamese exposed to the chemical suffer from cancer, liver damage, pulmonary and heart diseases, defects to reproductive capacity and skin and nervous disorders. Their children and grandchildren have severe physical deformities, mental and physical disabilities, diseases and shortened life spans. The forests and jungles in large parts of southern Vietnam were devastated and denuded. Centuries-old habitat was destroyed and will not regenerate with the same diversity for hundreds of years. Animals that inhabited the forests and jungles are threatened with extinction, disrupting the communities that depended on them. The rivers and underground water in some areas have also been contaminated. Erosion and desertification will change the environment, causing dislocation of crop and animal life.

For the past 51 years, the Vietnamese people have been attempting to address this legacy of war by trying to get the United States and the chemical companies to accept responsibility for this ongoing nightmare. An unsuccessful legal action by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange against the chemical companies in US federal court, begun in 2004, has nonetheless spawned a movement to hold the United States accountable for using such dangerous chemicals on civilian populations. The movement has resulted in pending legislation HR 2634 hot spots, lawsuit to compensate them, as the unintended victims, for their Agent-Orange-related illnesses. But the Vietnamese continue to suffer from these violations with almost no recognition, as do the offspring of Agent-Orange-exposed US veterans and Vietnamese-Americans.

Thank You, Monsanto for Agent Orange and Birth Defects. America, what a shithole. Do ya think Monsanto gets away with the GMO’s due to their affiliation with the pentagon? I don’t know, but considering many US military personnel were exposed to agent orange and denied treatment its definitely more than a conspiracy theory.


  1. Shain Neumeier says

    This point could be made without holding up deformed and disabled children (or people in general) as basically damaged goods, or as objects of pity or horror.

  2. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    Completely agree with you. These children have parents. Please remove this picture from your thread, incredibly insensitive.

  3. Pam Bergren says

    NO, these photos are for those who need visual aids to get the point. This is Real. This is what happened from Monsanto's creation. What will the next round of children from RoundUp infested products bring? If you care—then go and March today. Write Letters to editors. Call your Congressmen. Because when it happens here, the government is going to look away .

  4. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    Accept if this is your child and you didn't give permission. What if this picture was posted in someone's album of their cute baby. We don't have to hurt the innocent to get the point across. If the parent face permission to use the photo then they should indicate that somewhere or were they got the picture. Until then not cool

  5. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    Pam this is an example. While I think you look healthy someone else may see you are overweight. What if they found one of your 'not so flattering photos' and used it to prove that eating meat is clearly bad for you and you should go vegan because clearly this fatty is unhealthy.
    That's the point I am trying to make. :)

  6. Cutting Stunt says

    Pam is absolutely right. And why should we hide disabled people from society.If you dont want your children to see, monitor what they look at on the internet. Why on earth would a child be on this site anyway. Some people have physical disabilities, but they shouldnt be hidden away from the rest of the world, only to be pointed at, when children then see them in society. Sherri, for me, what you have written, makes me so sad and I would love for you to volunteer or spend a day working/being with people with disabilities and see that they are human beings too.

  7. Cutting Stunt says

    Does it disgust you to see "imperfect" human beings? Do you want them removed from the streets as well, if you happen to be near by? It scares me, that people like you exist.

  8. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    I didn't say a child would see but honestly my kids are sitting right here looking. My 5 year olds response to the picture. I want to see more babies. That's innocence right there. She doesn't see them as children to be mocked or used example of. She sees them as babies- which is what they are. Innocent babies and I have not seen any indicator that the parents of these babies released this picture. If they did then I am fine with it being used.

  9. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    Cutting stunt. Please reread because that is my point. FYI. I have worked with people with needs almost all my life and am my sister in laws advocate. That is the whole point why do we treat these babies like anything but cute babies. They are not monsters to be made example of.

  10. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    I also disappointed that you would reverse and relabel what I said. I am trying to advocate for these babies. They are being used as an example of horror. If your child was being used in this manner would you be happy? This site should show proof of the rights to this picture or remove it. To many other 'special needs', as you labeled it, people have been used mockingly and it's enough. We should grow as a society.

  11. says


  12. says


  13. says

    remove them? Wake up people! Congressmen don't care? You blind sheeple that don't even have the brains to look up in the sky and see they are poisoning you too! From the sky, your food, water, etc. pretty soon no vegetation will grow except monsanto's seeds. They have been killing you for 50 years right in front of your faces! You don't think they figured this out. I live in Alaska. If you saw what was coming in your back door you wouldn't even care about those pictures!

  14. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    There is a reason I say this. I am a huge advocate for healthy eating. But using this picture is still not ok.

  15. says

    do you work for Monsanto?..why else would you want this picture taken down…out of sight out of mind…if you don't see the truth then you wont acknowledge it..

  16. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    And all of you can disagree with me all you want. I can't change your opinion. Just like I have people argue with me about how Monsanto is a good business. Yes there really are good people that still believe this. So believe what you want. And honestly I was naive to the implications of this until I read an article about a woman who's child was used on another site making fun of her child. It spread like wild fire with millions of negative comments. It all got back to the mom. She was of course upset.
    I am also not going to equate your Uncles pain to the pain of a mother who has had something like this done to her. And I am not going to justify it in the name of freedom. I will not take a right to earn a right.

  17. Gina Hammond says

    ….and Monsanto refuses to acknowledge what GMO's will do to the food supply. I miss my husband….

  18. Renae Beaver says

    Oooh I am offended should be what we say about our government and the war machine that they have unleashed against the world. This will be worse than any Hitler genocide every aspired to be. Big AG has declared war on Humanity!!

  19. Lisa Williams says

    Has there been a study done of the women of childbearing age who work in the fields that are regularly sprayed with Round-Up?

  20. Kristin Higgins says

    completely disagree , putting you
    r head I the sand isn't the answer , put it all out there show the world what we're up against

  21. Karen Scugoza says

    That's how they get away with it, keep it in the dark, if people can't see it maybe it's not so bad. GMO's Roundup now they want to spray 2-4D agent orange in America on the fields because they have created super-weeds and Roundup wont kill them anymore. It is all about protecting big business, profits from death, how many of Monsanto's executives have been through the revolving door FDA, EPA, Donald Rumsfeld…. If you think these pictures are horrendous look at the children in Iraq that are the victims from the use of depleted uranium used by the U.S. and Britain during the war. Depleted uranium used in Iraq that is poisoning not only Iraqis but our troops as well. If you think the U.S. government cares about American Citizens, think again.

  22. says

    There is no making fun of or objectification here – quite the contrary. Why are we fighting? This isn't us. We're all on the same team and fighting over trivial things doesn't make us bigger people. Let's focus on a solution rather than fighting amongst ourselves.

  23. Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter says

    Then we need to show people who were actually affected by Agent orange. Not a child that has a genetic malformation that is not proven to be because of GMO. I am all for bringing this shit down but we look like dumb fucks when we put up shit like this. It would be like putting up a Down syndrome child and blaming that on the parent eating GMO corn. Downs has been around before GMO corn an all that will do is create anger and shut down our purpose.
    This picture is only helping to make us look like crazy ass hippies and I sure am not one.

  24. says

    Why would politicians do anything to prevent there campaign donors like Monsanto from doing things? Any politician against a corporation won't get campaign funds from that corporation. Many politicians are prostitutes to companies to get campaign funds.

  25. says

    You can easily Google Vietnam Birth Defects and see more and more. Sorry that people were offended but we need to know. Then check out our "depleted uranium" in Iraq. We also need to take back our government however hard it may be. "Reform is not for the shortwinded" – Mo Udall, from our clean air and water battles 40-50 years ago.

  26. Corie Jones says

    Stephanie, as a nutritionist, this should alarm you. You should be at the forefront of trying to stop this since you are on the front lines of what happens to people when they make bad choices. Pretty soon, there wont be any choice.

  27. says

    These children are our children and our grand children. Everything was planned since long time ago with our money because when you or me bought big pharma or CFR products they got richer and invested that money in altering the soil, in consequence, poluting the water with toxins. Animals began to die, people like me have been intoxicated with shrimps, some people with milk, meat or poultry. Mexican corn too, what is happening with the planet?

  28. says

    WAKE THE FUCK UP WAKE UP SHEEPLE! Our government (The United States Government)really absolutely doesn't give a fuck about you they only give a fuck what's going in their bank accounts their offshore accounts and pocketbooks at your personal expense without your consent wake the fuck up! They will not tell you what's in our food and water and they will refuse because you know why they've been bought out and sold out at the cost of your vote and without your knowledge question authority if they refuse to answer fire them!

  29. Juliet Novak says

    So what do we do? What are you doing? I am curious how other like minded people are living to avoid gmos, poison and chemicals. I am thirsty for knowledge. I need a place to start. Some guidance.

  30. Paula Ruter says

    My step father-in-law died in his 50's from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma caused by the Agent Orange he was exposed to in the Vietnam War.

  31. says

    At this rate the human race doesn't have long left. The corporations who sell human life for profit and the politicians who protect them will all pay soon. I believe in hell and they will all burn there, Karma is a bitch!

  32. Sean Zaccheo says

    Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter I agree with almost everyone else here. Heres the bottom line; if this photo was in fact stolen and used to serve unrelated purposes, then the party responsible for publication will be appropriately brought up on charges (if not the company all together/in addition) and these poor children's parents will be the beneficiaries of a settlement. Though if this is an example of most cases where a company with a lot to lose uses 3rd party content and proper copyright was acquired before publication of a news article, then all is in order and permissions have been granted. So, with that in mind, imagine this photo is in fact being put to proper use, and that the point trying to be made is still getting across. I think the issue most people are having with what you are saying is that you seem to be more focused on the "possible" misuse of a child in a photo than you are the actual issue at hand, an issue simply utilizing this photo as a delivery system. As many have said, out of sight out of mind. Its very true. Most often disturbing images are exactly that for a reason; part of you recognizes the problem and can't imagine a solution, even if there is one, or many. I can imagine these parents being honored to have their child's photo used for this purpose because with it bodes the possibility of real change, and not just any change, something for the better. Even if they did not get permission, as I said before it will work itself out in time but it still makes people open their eyes and look around a bit, regardless of the small percent of people more worried about the copyright of the image than the issue being discussed. Though there is a fine line between misrepresentation and propaganda, please don't think I am blind to those possibilities, but its the disturbing nature of this image and article that entices people to look for themselves and determine if its fact or fiction; truth or propaganda. Thats the point, not the image rights. Personal feelings aside, thats not whats important, making up your own mind based on facts is whats important.

  33. Brenda Brookshire Owens says

    My friend George Anderson died with liver disease and diabetes from being exposed to Agent Orange in Viet Nam.
    Monsanto has to go.

  34. Brenda Brookshire Owens says

    They have done studies of rats being fed round up ready grain, by leading geneticists, but when they rats got horrific tumors, the industry decided to disallow further research on their products, so NO official test results that OUR gov't will accept have been released.

  35. Brigette Loucel Brady says

    Oh Stephanie, so sorry that your perfect little nutrionist life had to see reality stone cold in the face, the world is not a stage where your perfect little sorority posse spoiled self absorbed living in vacuum come from. It's more than that, wake up and smell the real roses and acknowledge the world does not revolve around you. Acknowledge others suffering and pain around the globe, have compassion and empathy instead of walking around with blinders or rose colored glasses.

  36. says

    well I just heard that Japan will not take any GMO tainted food as an export from us anymore. !! That will definitely slow down the engines of the beast…if the rest of the world says "No GMO exports from the US/etc, imagine the impact that could have!!!

  37. says

    TRy to know where your food comes from eat fresh and local…avoid all processed foods as most of rhem are GMO's Its not impossible to avoid them and eat right…you have to be vigilant.

  38. says

    I grew up in Anniston, AL where the Monsanto plant sat just outside the city. They dumped chemicals into the land around that area. Lawsuits filed & won that prove Monsanto knew what they were doing when they were doing it. Unfortunately, they ramifications from 50 yrs. ago are still there and in our own backyard, not just overseas. People need to be looking harder at what history has shown us. If corporations are willing to dump toxic chemicals in their own backyard, they aren't going to care about what's happening overseas. And, I don't think our government cares about anything but "how it looks" to the outside world, just like the corporations only care how it affects the bottom line. It's sad, but true.

  39. says

    I do not understand why people can't handle the photographs ? And I am sick and tired of the ass holes that say if you think America is bad then move! I mean are we not allowed to want our country to stop poisoning people !!! I think the people who do not agree with standing up for OUR RIGHTS , our right to not be poisoned by the government should move to a country where talking against the country or their practices is simply illegal !! America is suppose to be free , we have the right to show disgust when our country is messing up !!!

  40. says

    I think you should move if you think America needs to be a dictatorship where people are not allowed to speak up against the government .. Or wait ? Are you one of the people that think the only complaint against America that is valid is your own ? … Jerk off !!

  41. Sheelagh Nolan says

    This is exactly what happens- by bickering about a comment you are MISSING THE POINT – that's how the big corporations win – middle class using our energy against each other instead of ON THEM.

  42. Andrew Reeves says

    Juliet Johnson, it's Organic only!! Sprouts or another Organic Store near you, carries Organic. All seeds Like Burpee etc!! Mansanto owns all seeds. Except organic out of your health food stores!! Organic ;)

  43. Anneliese Marques says

    Sadly, the photos are absolutely necessary to illustrate the truth. Without the photos, words are just 'hearsay.' It would be wise for all to boycott Monsanto's products and keep up the steady stream of knowledge, accompanied by the photos, as proof.

  44. Georgia NeSmith says

    Yes, these children have parents, although we do not know whether those parents abandoned them or not. However, if they do still have involved parents it is highly unlikely that this picture was published without their permission. There are privacy laws in the U.S. that require those who publish pictures of private citizens (as opposed to celebrities, politicians, and other public figures) to obtain the permission of those who are pictured, and if they are minors, the permission of the parents.

    If the pictures were published without permission, shame on the publisher. If they were published WITH permission, shame on those who are complaining.

    We don't really know, either way. But I side with making it absolutely clear EXACTLY what Monsanto has done.

  45. Ben Terrance Stirland says

    Todd Reeder hit it on the nail….. i try to tell my parents, but how can i SUDDENLY tell them the last 40 years what they thought was 'normal everyday' was a big lie………. We literly get in massive arguements when i bring up this '''made up on the internet''' stuff. ;/

  46. says

    Natalie Cosette Johnson – I've had success through presenting my research to officials.

    For example, in March 1996, I read about the Roslin Institute's cloning experiments, but the news barely mentioned it. Later that year, I started researching the history of experimental embryology and mailed a copy to some local activists in February 1997. The package was apparently intercepted by the authorities, and I was allowed to expound my findings to a Department of Defense representative. He was worried people might panic, but I assured him it best for the news to be released in order to spark debate and legislation. And the next day, Dolly the sheep was finally on all the front pages. And as a result, human cloning was banned in nations across the world (not that that will stop the military or criminals from doing it).

    It's unfortunate that he refused to hear my research into the history of brain implants, but in 2005, someone credited my paper as the basis for Wikipedia's article on the subject. And now this year (2013), on an important anniversary in my life, the president announced a national imperative to study brain mapping, up there with the space race and computer science.

    Sometimes all it takes is a well-placed phone call to get things done. In March 2006, for example, I called the Seattle FBI to inquire as to why Missing Children Statistics weren't being reported. After providing some my credentials, I told the agent they had one week (seven days) until I would look into it again, and by week's end the Justice Department finally released the numbers, 16 years after the 1990 Child Protection Act mandated they do so.

    But in addition to acquiring and relating facts, presentation means the world. It's natural for activists to become angry, but that anger must not vent in unhealthy ways. That's one reason why I usually wait until the dust settles before I tear into the news. (Government officials under stress will bite.) The hours following the Boston bombings saw the Internet light up with every conspiracy under the sun, and I heard that back in 2001, people predicting the attack due to all of the Illuminati messages in the media had their accounts blocked in its wake.

    So back to 1996, I was researching, in part, to explain things I'd seen over the years, and by 1998 was putting that information online. To help date that date, geocities was starting to take off, everyone wanted something like youtube which didn't exist yet, yahoo groups were the preferred forum for many activists, AOL free minutes discs littered the streets, and old databases were being phased out losing tons of recorded history as a result.

    So, if you're looking for a good place to start understanding the world outside of the box, you might consider the encyclopedia I'm working on at:

  47. says

    Natalie Cosette Johnson stop paying your taxes. Step one. Seriously. Without tax money, the federal government can't really operate. Step two: Start growing your own garden and stop shopping at grocery stores. Find and shop at a local farmer's market. Literally ask if you can tour the farm some day after asking if they make use of any GMOs.

    Basically – the solution isn't to do – it's to stop. Stop paying taxes; stop buying packaged foods with ingredients you can't pronounce. And, to motivate you, I'm including a link to a cannulated cow right here for your review:

    You want to stop shopping at things named "supermarket" and start shopping at things named "Farmer's Market" where you can actually meet the farmers and have a direct conversation instead of asking some retarded grocery store clerk if they know a single fucking thing about the food you're buying from them. All they can actually answer is what their profit margin on said product, where it belongs on the shelf and whether it's currently on sale. That's it.

  48. Liisa Vilhelmiau says

    Sherri Zahradnicek-Hunter Search for "agent orange birth defects" and you´ll find a lot more disturbing, and similar pictures. If you think this is not done by agent orange. I think picture is good, as the old saying goes, picture tells more than a thousand words… peace

  49. John-Jack Holland says

    Brenda Brookshire Owens The Seralini Study to which you refer is the most derided study in the History of Science. Even the French Governments Science Academies, no friends to GMO's, censured the scientist. He Chose as his test animals Sprague-Dawley rats. These rats when allowed to free feed spontaneously develop tumors at a rate of 80%.

    If that is to scientific for you it means he rigged the experiment.

    Because he rigged the experiment when you look at another result that of drinking Round-Up contaminated water the rats lived 30% longer than those drinking clean water. Does that makes sense to you?

    This is the reason that Seralini did not peer review his study and required the journalists who he showed before hand to sign non-disclosure contracts so they could not get another opinion.

    When you reference that study it shows that you really do not know what you are talking about.

    A five second Google search will show that what I am claiming is true. Not that it matters. Ideologues such as your self do not let facts get in the way of spreading lies.

  50. John-Jack Holland says

    The argument here is Monsanto made Agent Orange. Agent Orange was poison. Monsanto makes GMO there fore all GMO is poison.

    How about Ford made the Pinto. The Pinto was a Hatchback that would explode. Ford makes the Focus Hatchbacks, therefore the Focus will explode.

    or Honda makes Hatchbacks. These Hatchbacks will explode.

    Basically this whole article is a logical fallacy that most 10th graders know to avoid.

  51. says

    Craniosynostosis and hydrocephaly are NOT caused by anything Monsanto does. This is not only incredibly exploitive, but even more dishonest. These children have families who love them, and would be horrified to see them here. Do the one decent thing and take the pictures down at once. You wouldn't want a stranger putting up pictures of your children, give them the same dignity.

  52. says

    Argumentum ad Monsantum, how original :/. We were supposed to leave the witch hunting and scapegoating behind a few hundred years ago, so saddened to see both practices alive and well today.

  53. says

    Or that Henry Ford was antisemitic (his article "The International Jew The World's Foremost Problem" was cited as inspirational to many amongst the Nazis and Hitler had a picture of Ford on his wall), therefore when you buy a Ford you support the Holocaust.

    Of course it's a fallacious argument. It also ignores the fact 8 other companies made Agent Orange, that Monsanto warned the government of contaminates which the US military ignored, and the military sprayed it undiluted and mixed with jet fuel. Plus the Monsanto company that made agent orange is not even the same company that makes the GMOs, the chemical corp was spun off decades ago.

  54. says

    Rob Colbert Stop paying taxes? Really? First of all, regardless of what you may have heard, you are REQUIRED to pay taxes. The nonsense out there that suggests you aren't required to is just that. And if you have any kind of job that takes in real money, rather than just living off the land, you will not only have estimated taxes taken out anyway, but you are still using public money that you wouldn't even be supporting if you just "didn't pay taxes". That isn't solving anything. That's just freeloading. It's being a freaking sponge. And even if you don't have a money making job of some sort, either someone out there does who is supporting you, or you use some kind of public, federal system that costs money, be it the postal service, a library, something as basic as roads and interstates, or heck, even the tax subsidized internet you posted that worthless comment on.

  55. Elena Boysselle-Edwards says


  56. Shain Neumeier says

    And then there's us, actually disabled/deformed people, who this kind of stuff tells that we were preventable mistakes. How is that okay? We're people, not props for others' use. And I love how one of you guys assumed that the parents of these kids might've abandoned them – it really gives a good indication of what you think about people with disabilities.

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