Save Our Soul – Lori Duckworth Facing Life in Prison for Medical Marijuana

This type of imprisonment for simple distribution of medicine to sick people is unacceptable. This documentary is a real eye opener when it comes to the draconian war on drugs and those who suffer due to the severity of the laws.


Marijuana prohibition needs to end!

Lori Duckworth is a medicinal marijuana activist who is facing life in prison for giving away free medicinal marijuana to sick people.


  1. Noah Alyce Roads says

    Yeah cause everyone who has a medical marijuana card is deathly ill right? Go to a 420 rally and see how many of those people singing and dancing have a MMC. Idiots.

  2. says

    Go drink your taxed alcohol/poison and smoke cigarettes if you don't like it, as if most of the people in a local bar are so terribly bright and progressive ;P There's a lot of decent people involved with advanced sciences and other big projects that smoke it and don't seem to be idiots. Maybe you should learn to really look into a mirror instead of just staring at it's surface and looking at all the vain flaws in your temporary dwelling..

  3. Noah Alyce Roads says

    Funny cause when I look in the mirror I see health. I don't partake of any of those drugs thank you. Take your assumptions elsewhere there ARE people on the earth that know dumbing yourself down with drugs is NOT something you should do. FYI. Try again.

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