Infant dies after being raped; mother encouraged the attack and watched

Infant dies after being raped; mother encouraged the attack and watched

Infant dies after being raped; mother encouraged the attack and watched

A mother is under arrest after allegedly allowing her boyfriend to rape her infant child, causing the child to die.

Jessica Lynn Howell, 25, of St. Charles County, Missouri, was arrested in connection with the death of her four-month-old daughter, Ashlynn Lilith Peters. Ashlynn died December 3, 2012.

Originally Howell was not charged as she claimed innocence in the attack, but prosecutors say text messages between Howell and her boyfriend Jordan Lafayette Prince are conclusive and damning.

Prince has been in custody awaiting trial for the murder of Ashlynn Lilith Peters for several months, and has a past history of sexual abuse which Howell admits to knowing. In an apparent attempt to spice up their relationship, Howell offered to allow Prince the opportunity to sexually molest her daughter.

According to the local reporting of St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said:

In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable things. It is very, very disturbing.


While the text messages between the two suspects have not been released, the official police report tells a gruesome story about the condition little Ashlynn was found:

Ashlynn was sexually assaulted causing multiple tears to her anus, a massive laceration to her rectum with massive hematoma in the area of the pelvis. The injuries to the anus and rectum of Ashlynn were sufficient to eventually cause her death even without strangulation.


Beyond the rape that caused Ashlynn to stop breathing, she was also beaten:

Ashlynn was also the victim of blunt force trauma to the left side of her head causing a laceration to her ear and a hemorrhage near her skull.


Jessica Lynn Howell and Jordan Lafayette Prince are both currently in custody awaiting trial.


  1. says

    They are gonna face trial which will take years , they will be well fed and treated humanely while incarcerated and after all said and done still won't face the death penalty due to mental illness. This is merica bitches get with the program..

  2. Malalai Pashtoonmal says Actually feel sick. Send them to Kuwait… (Daily Mail..two Egyptians executed for raping children and murder)

  3. Armando Juan Pantoja says

    This is why genetically inferior people should not be allow to have children. Degenerate, lower intelligent people have children at a much greater rate than smarter more civilized people. We need to start to think of some sterilization of genetic inferiors or this will continue to happen.

  4. says

    thats just wrong..i think we all have felt once or twice that "inferior" people shouldnt have children, but if they didnt have so many, where would they get their wellfare checks from??

  5. says

    Here's another idiot……are you a scientogist too? Do you know that most paedophiles are teachers, judges etc is there any intellects there, I think so, its just these people are fricken sick twisted mfs who watch too much porn, they should be skinned everyday to make them suffer but not killed because its too quick…..

  6. says

    Help? Who helped the baby? They need to be tortured not helped……and when you finish helping those two fs what then…….what use are these ba….to society nothing they waste our air.

  7. Ann'Drea Cheatham says

    I am just sicken by this, really? I am a mother and no way in the hot place would I allow ANYONE for ANY reason to touch my child. what is wrong with that woman? uggghhhhhh! poor baby how she must have suffered. He needs to be castrated first them give him a shot. die slow like that baby did. (sorry, but I just can't believe this).

  8. says

    I have to ask this question, if most of the people comminted on this article actually claimed death penalty for these 2 criminals, how could law makers in your country cancel it?

  9. says

    Die Sachen, die sie uns zum fressen hinwerfen, um von sich selbst abzulenken, werden immer abscheulicher. Das wird wohl daran liegen, dass ihre Taten zum Erhalt der Dominanz der nördlichen Halbkugel auch immer abscheulicher werden.
    Und es ist Teil der Gehirnwäsche, die uns dazu bringen soll, die Todesstrafe zu befürworten.

  10. Flippwithtwopz Street Shaman says

    people as sick and twisted as these folks they wuld probably enjoy it…… this world is just so hard to stomach as the days go on…. we need serious change if anyone or our children have a chance….

  11. Noah Alyce Roads says

    Courtenay Gass You want to foot the bill for their food, medicine and cable tv instead? Moron!

  12. Steven Fries says

    ^ here is another idiot! Just because someone watches porn doesnt mean they will turn out like that. You need to read a sociology book and learn what a sociopaths and phycopaths are.

  13. Mike Vincent says

    Nizar Khoury – Let's get a horse for the job. Ultimately not too invasive to the horse. And it's proportionately sized. So when Romeo feels 39 inches of justice, he'll know just how horrible it was for the infant.

  14. Tarlach Ter MacGabhann says

    these 2 things don't deserve to be on this planet or anywhere near kids so I say just hang, drawn and quarter the filthy bastards after they been tortured for weeks and I would willingly do it, total reptiles……

  15. Jarid Moon says

    Ryan Draven McNamee Cost more to have a death penitently trail and services. Look it up. The cost to the tax payer is MORE. There is a lot of funding paid for by you and I to have their repeal hearings, but America being a good country we give everyone the right to fight for their lives. I hate these two, but if I ever knew I sent someone to death that wasn't guilty, but I would hate myself forever. One person wrongly convicted and then killed is one person too many to take the chance.

  16. Mahmoud Ibrahim Elkasaby says

    is that all u worry about in the middle of this talk? DOGS? what an idiot.
    u got an infant that was brutally and atrociously killed, I wish these 2 monsters get what they deserve which is death and I wish if they get killed the same way they did to the poor infant

  17. Ladyfire Camfuze says

    got one better for punishment, general population in the prison system, the monsters wouldnt live out the week, if they did they both would be somebodies bitches,

  18. says

    That's so indescribably disgusting. Exactly why the f would they do that. Others have posted comments that I like about how to hurt them like hanging or using a horse to rape them, or sending them to somewhere else where they will be killed. I think all are good ideas.

  19. says

    I disagree with you Courtney. If our Government would stop being so tolerant of sex offenders, child molesters, murders, or any crime that results in death then we wouldn't be hearing so much about it on the news and in the papers. I am also sorry to say, jail is the easy way out. They have the comfort of a hot meal, hot baths, bed, heat/AC, they get to watch TV, go outside, talk on the phone, have visitors, etc…. Jail is to comfortable. Our inmates get treated better than our troops. sad. If our government would bring back the death sentence, and have it done the same day or week of the verdict, instead of letting them wait months or even live their life out in jail… I fully believe our crime rate would go down in this country.

  20. says

    I don't understand this. People like me who desperately wanted a child to love can't have them. Then animals like this have babies and treat them like an object to be violated, tortured and murdered. The world is a very evil. The mother and pedofiler should have a long metal rod ramned up their asses through their mouths and barbecued on a spit very, very, very slowly. The justice system should stand up for little innocent angels like this poor baby. That is not justice. The death penalty for both!!!

  21. says

    The country should not pay for their sorry asses. If we keep treating criminals more like victims, than the low life murders, such as these two are, even more innocent children will die.

  22. says

    Courtenay Gass Wow you are seriously blind. Put these two low lives in jail so that tax payers can pay for them to eat, sleep and continue living their degenerative existences ? For what purpose ? No, people like this who are violent and sadistic offenders should be subject to human experimentation for the benefit of science. Not only would it possibly further our knowledge as a race and application of said knowledge, they would die through the same type of brutality they partake in and get their just desserts so to speak. Not only that, but if such a policy were implemented, it would encourage sick fucks not to act on their fucked up fantasies because they would know that they wouldn't just get to sit in a cell if they get caught. If these people knew they were looking forward to being experimented upon, maybe it would be enough incentive to keep them from crippling and killing innocence.

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