Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood throw children from the top the roof of a building


  1. says

    I know the muslim brotherhood is there, but this video is not clear at all what is going on between the two groups, some clarity from someone who was actually there would be nice..

  2. Sa LW A says

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    For the past 15 years your CIA brains have been planning to change Egypt into another Iraq.
    Well, NICE TRY. You have FAILED.

    You don't understand a lot about Egypt, sir. Maybe you should ask your Kenyan Muslim relatives about the status of our country in the Holy Qur'an, or how Prophet Mohamed , peace be upon him, described our army. Egypt has been mentioned in our Holy Book five times, and is described as a secure country where people live in peace and harmony. Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) has described our soldiers as the best on the planet, stating clearly that our army and the Egyptian people remain united till the end of time.

    In the Bible, the Egyptian people are described as the blessed nation of Jesus Christ.

    So Mr. Obama, you can kindly oblige us by calling in your lady of doom Mrs. Anne Patterson back home to the USA, as she is no longer welcomed in Egypt.

    We hope you have learnt that not all countries yield to manipulation and that you should not attempt to spend the money of American tax payers creating dictatorships in countries of independence and sovereignty.

    To American People,
    We call upon all Americans whom we know as a peace loving people to seriously investigate their government's sincere endeavors to aid terrorists imposing a fascist regime, is this what they pay taxes to achieve? Are these the human values upon which you have been elected?
    The Egyptian People.

  3. Sa LW A says

    I'm Egyptian and what is happening in Egypt now is not a military coup; it is a revolution. 33 million people revolted against the the Muslim Brotherhood. So, it is clear that we don't want Morsi to be our president anymore. Please, stop interfering!

  4. Sa LW A says

    no … they are terrorists not muslims they will be doomed for what they are doing to people ..Islam is never like this

  5. says

    we need the best for our country but as u can see the terrorism killing us we can't call those people muslims islam is no't like that islam mean's peace those people are terrorist

  6. says

    Oh yes truly rich and powerful assassins no this is fucking idiots who are in a situation where they have a wee bit of power due to the pure chaos going around them

  7. says

    As with anyone else whose in a riot situation they fill like there the ones in control and if you oppose them in the slightest your the enemy by reading the rest of your comments I feel dumber

  8. Mia Carla says

    I apologize to you. As an American who didnt vote for Obama I tried to make people understand. All they wanted to know was that he looked black. I apologize to Egypt, the birthplace of so much greatness and history, your land does not deserve what Obama has done.

  9. says

    christopher u are right its just a fight between two groups but now every body thinks that anywne with hair on his face is one of the moslim brother hoood!!! hair grows for every body btw , u are thinking well keep it up (Y)

  10. says

    I think isolating the Muslim Brotherhood is going to divide the country and send it into an Iraq type situation fueled by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and the Western Imperial powers. This is why Saudi Arabia is so happy, they want constant upheaval and revolution and the Egyptian Military are sure driving down that road. Morsi was controlled and led into this upheaval, but Egypt’s military is controlled also, including some of the opposition…the people need to unite against the US power structure.

    The Egyptian people need to reject what the army is doing & must include the MB.
    in elections. The split goes back to the electoral runoff. Egypt needs to adopt a different runoff system & just have a straight election. Many people were isolated in the last election because their candidate was not included in the final runoff. Only 2 candidates contested in the end…this scenario will not work & must be changed to include the top 3 or 4 candidates. The people of Egypt must look at this solution to save their country from falling into endless war and terrorism….

    Palestine & Syria are the litmus test for any Egyptian leader…Morsi failed…but that should not exclude the MB from particpating in elections, not that I side with them…if there are no talks offered between the groups Egypt will descend into complete chaos just as the US and Saudi's planned. A military coup of the government is precisely what the Saudi’s And Americans wanted because it drives a wedge between the peoples revolution a nd stears it into a cival war. The Suez Canal is of strategic importance and as such the Saudi and US sponsored upheaval is to maintain their control over it…the Egypian people must unite or the forces of Imperialism, Zionism, and Saudi terrorism will engulf Egypt….

  11. says

    There is nothing in arabic that proves these are from the brothers; do not utilize the ignorance of stangers to prove your point as an arab. This reflects weakness; regardless of your political beliefs. get your facts right and back them up, no one will justify murder

  12. says

    Hayat Mohamed Hamd dont be mistaken,this guy is NOT a muslim brother,there is other photos taken in this very scene that shows his wearing a fake beard & what exactly happened was totally opposite of what they try to tell us.

  13. Wessam Mohammed says

    Muslims Brotherhood practiced all forms of terrorism (material and moral) in Egypt and supported by Obama and his foreign policy.. Obama has not yet explicitly recognizes the will of the Egyptian people and their right to self-determination away from terrorism.

    Muslims Brotherhood, which helps Obama significantly in the implementation of American foreign policy for the Middle East and America to gain control of the destiny of peoples..That policy, which is always incompatible with the rights of peoples in a dignified and secure life.. Policy that will collapse like the collapse of the terrorist group the Muslims Brotherhood in Egypt.

    Obama & terrorism = one dirty hand.
    and we (the people) pay the bill for their partnerships.

    Obama will pay the price for its support of terrorism..No doubt about it.

  14. says

    for God sake we all know elections all over the world and in the most know countries of what's called " democracy" goes by 51 – 49 % or 52 – 48 % in France in America it did in egypte but we never heard of the 49% of Americans or french go in revolution cauz they didnt get the result they wanted !!

  15. Islam Shalash says

    U r such a wise fellow… the military has used and is using men with fake beards.. other videos show complete buses loaded with men with fake beards to show that they are muslim brotherhood. this was also done in algeria before when the islamists won the election. their army used these kind of acts to scare the people and world from islamists. there is a picture of this guy without the fake beard all over the internet. He has been arrested today in alexandria.

  16. Sa LW A says

    Hadjer Hajiki first you don't know what we have gone throw in this year of muslim brothrhood if you know talk.. If not don;t judge just like that ..we are the people, we decide who we want or not according to our countries best interests .. thanks for your reply but please don't be prejudgemental

  17. Sa LW A says

    RA MY its the most glorious revolution in the world 33 million people made it …and our marvellous army responded …we all army ,, people ,, and police will build our beloved egypt ..

  18. Sa LW A says

    ITS NEVER like this what you have seen are the terrorists taking islamic religion as a curtain to manipulate youth .. islam is kind,peaceful,was responsible for the human rights when it first came and till the end of time… every religion has its terrorists …those are our terroristss of islam ..we all ask god to clear all things so our islam is back toits right place …. don't judge islam by that kind of people you saw please those are just terrorists not representing islam …hope you oneday know about islam and our beloved messenger and allah <3 … U ' ll totally change your mind about it !! we hold peace for everyone in this world ..God bless american people but we only don't accept american policies of supporting this terrorism for whatever reason .

  19. says

    Can't really tell that they're children coming off the roof. It's terrible, but a very inflammatory headline.

    This is why religion should never be involved in politics. It's always their way or no way (and that goes for the fundies that are trying to control our country.)

  20. says

    The hidden truth is these what called street children were throwing the stones on the people and firing them from the roof which lead to many death cases and casualties, If you were in this case, how would you react? I do not justify the horrible action, sure, who did this are criminals, but these boys are criminals too, the problem is the media tries its best to defame the Moslem Bortherhood and Morsi's supporters while same media never broadcast any of the criminal acts from the Morsi opponents, even the military ruler in his last speech, never said "condolences" to the families who loss their sons in last massacre where 83 have been killed and more than 1100 wounded person according to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, even no investigate to deaths of Morsi supporters is taken till now.

  21. says

    No one is above the law, the majority of Egyptian People elected Morsi , and the other part of Egyptian People must respect our wills, no elected president should be toppled in this way, respecting the votes of majority is the democracy in the whole world, I see this military coup will lead to more and more division between the whole Egyptian People and the best proof is violence and blood of innocent people in the streets, and the street can not topple an elected president after the polls said its word (Yes for Morsi), all corrupted persons from the judiciary and police worked against president Morsi from his first day to make the people angry and topple them, after only 1 day of this toppling, you can see there is no crisis or lack of fuel and no cut in power which prove it is conspiracy

  22. says

    Hi Mia, Obama does not recognize this is a military coup, imagine this, you leave your work and go to the polls and chose Obama or John McCain, your vote was for Obama who won the elections, afterwards the Army toppled this elected president and neutralize the constitution,now, where is your vote? sure in the nearest wastebasket under feet of the army? this is the whole and real picture in Egypt now but the state-owned media distorted this and mislead many peoples, please watch this:

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