Psilocybin Mushrooms Promote Growth of New Brain Cells, Can Even Cure PTSD And Depression

Psilocybin Mushrooms Promote Growth of New Brain Cells, Can Even Cure PTSD And Depression

By Cassius Methyl

New studies show that psilocybin removes the trauma and fear from memories in the minds of mice, and even stimulates the growth of a significant amount of new brain cells.

Studies from The University of South Florida indicate that psilocin (or psilocybin, which metabolizes into psilocin), found in “shrooms”, triggers new brain cell growth, and erases frightening memories from mice. Mice trained to fear electric shock when hearing a noise associated with the shock, stopped reacting in fear to the noise when given a small dose of psilocybin, much more quickly, in contrast to mice given no psilocybin. “They simply lost their fear”, exclaimed the co-author of the study, Dr. Juan Sanchez-Ramos, a professor of movement disorders.

Much more research could be done by ordinary people and professors alike, if the US government and other too powerful governments weren’t at war with their own citizens over drugs. Psilocybin mushrooms, or “shrooms” of course, are illegal in the United States, and illegal in other countries simply because the US and western powers bullied them into compliance or persuaded them by some means we don’t know of. Psilocybin mushrooms are a genus of mushroom, called “psilocybe”. Such mushrooms that fall into this genus are Psilocybe Cubensis, or Psilocybe Bispora.

People are eager to look into the idea of using Psilocybin Mushrooms to cure PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), chronic depression, and a wide range of other mental and physical ailments, so we will just have to get government off our backs to do so. These mushrooms are harmless, cannot cause overdose, cannot cause death (unless you become frightened and hurt yourself on accident, but that is extremely rare and potentially unheard of, and is the case for almost any psychoactive substance).

Despite its harmlessness, amazing medical potential, and ability to produce phenomenal spiritual/mystical experiences, the gangs of government have nearly all banned Psilocybin Mushrooms. Therefore, for our prosperity, we must peacefully resist unjust laws like this, and use miracle products of the earth such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms regardless, until the laws are deemed as ridiculous as they are, and no longer enforced.

To further illustrate these studies, they showed that mice treated with low doses of psilocybin had significant growth of new brain cells, because psilocin binds to a brain receptor that stimulates new brain cell growth, and short term memory formation. When the people regularly participate in civil disobedience and do what they will as long as it hurts nobody, without the tyrannical permission of the federal government, when we disobey those laws that inhibit us, then we can find out if we can use psilocybin to replace Prozac , the mass murder pill used to treat depression that pollutes our water and causes fish to unusually murder other fish.

The science behind psilocybin treating depression is, depressed individuals typically have over active medial prefrontal cortex regions of the brain, and psilocybin eases this, and makes the brain function normally here. Psilocybin, and Psilocybin mushrooms, promote emotional stability and well being, can induce profound spiritual experiences, have been used for thousands of years medicinally, and it is now completely proven that they are beneficial and harmless.

This can more than likely be finally an effective, non dangerous or pharmaceutical treatment for PTSD too, because it curbs the brain’s traumatic association with the images, sounds, and sensory memories from a traumatic experience. “Shrooms” promote health and normal brain function, despite that being the exact opposite of what mainstream news and culture has fed you for years, because of the criminal government we are forced to put up with. Not to mention, Psilocybin is extremely chemically close to the neurotransmitters found in our brains, like serotonin.


Cassius Methyl is a writer for , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music

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  1. James Vaughn says

    Then how come every time I've taken them I found myself in really dark, scary places that make me pray for an end to the bad trip? How come I always end up intensely insecure and feeling vulnerably mortal? Somehow I doubt that anything that makes me hallucinate to the point where I can't even distinguish objects I hold in my hands -much less drive a car- as promoting normal brain function.

    What are your sources for this information? Just because you blogged it doesn't make it true. By not revealing your identity and credentials, you have no credit -unless you refer to legitimate research done by those who have them.

    Btw, no one's forcing you to put up with the U.S. government -which, btw, provides you with protection from violent criminals, provides you with abundant clean water and electricity, safe food, medicare, social security, fuel, internet, etc. You can always move to another country. Good luck finding a better one where you can have all the luxuries we have AND take hallucinogens legally.

    How about instead of promoting anarchy and illegal activities you man up and organize legally to change the laws through the system we have in place? The only thing really stopping you from that is laziness and fear. Maybe if you take enough mushrooms you'll get over the fear.

    Or are you just hoping that if cry enough that someone will do all the real work for you?

  2. says

    @ james-too much. that's why. You obviously didn't have the right dose. And for the record, I really wanted to live in a different country for years, have had my issues with our govt since the Reagan admin, and did so, but I couldn't just become a citizen elsewhere. I would have had to marry someone or seek political asylum. There are plenty of other countries with our 'luxuries'. And yes, they take hallucinogens in other countries too. Very ignorant statement coming from Vacaville. Not the first time.

  3. says

    @James… You only had bad trips because you're a noob and tripped around the wrong people or put yourself in bad situations. Don't hate because you did it wrong. I never once had a bad trip on shrooms or acid. Always good even when I got a hold of some bad bartman acid, cramps were killer but I laughed and smiled through them. News flash you're mortal before and after and you're scared and weak, you couldn't hang and it was most likely do "again to your "own poor decisions" not the shrooms buddy. Most of us who did it right had an epiphany at the end, felt as if life was beautiful and that we understood that beauty and were for a moment completely connected with everything in it. If you would learn to read you would have understood the same as the rest of us with an open mind understood the blog. He didn't say take a bag of shrooms and eat as much as you can but for it to be administered in small doses to try and find an alternative to the norm, which he had a great point about. Doctors and psychologists are handing pills out like candy and are no better than a heroine or meth dealer in most cases. Kids are downing pharm drugs more than ever and Od'ing left and right.

    I'll be kind and agree the sources should be linked, however instead of being a cock I took the time to simply google some key words for you and you can take your time to look into it. It not only is found in intellihub, yahoo news, but the inquisitor and msn daily. Were you born a prick or did it come to you over the years?
    In case you're still asleep at the wheel, your love and content for our Government is exactly whats wrong with it. Please state your facts as to how clean our water, food, etc.. is. have you never hear of the company Monsanto? Please tell me how safe and clean we are by burning the ungodly amounts of fossil fules to obtain this "abundant" supply of electricity when there are proven ways of getting it elsewhere and much cleaner. Luxuries… what a joke as you are. Luxuries are crutches and you seem to enjoy yours all too much and are blind buddy. Wake up.

    Anarchy or at least you definition of it as some kind of mad max movie is the problem. No one wants mad max and I haven't had lengthy conversations with some that promote the idea that wants to run around raping, pillaging, and taking.. You sir are the lazy one, attacking someone who found a legible study and is simply getting it out there, all because your weak hate filled mind couldn't handle a trip… Why don't you learn to open your eyes, mind to alternatives and not fall in line like a mindless sheep being herded along. You mad bro? Someone hurt your pride or something, you like taking it out on someone that is actually doing some research? How bout you simply stfu or find the time to research things a little and than comment with an open mind.

  4. Danny Avelar says

    James you have gone into it with a preconceived negative mind set to start, maybe too much at once. Start with a gram or two. next take off your panties that are all knotted up. I have never had a problem distinguishing what was in my hand. Maybe your mommy & daddy can afford to buy a congressmen to change the laws. I am one of the lazy you speak of, unlike yourself I am sure, I had the balls to serve my country, and to organize. I have no fear a a little fungus

  5. Drew Gremillion says

    As the great Terrence Mckenna writes, The psychedelic experience dissolves the ego to connect our perception to our transcendent other, or an experienced reflection of ourselves as a part of natures whole. As I and many of my friends have experienced, when our mind or bodies were out of balance, or our soul was at rest it became harder to let our guard down, we became afraid to let go of the ego. Unfortunately this can actually damage your health when done incorrectly. The positive benefits follow positive energy physically and mentally. Being headstrong in anyway is not of benefit when witnessing the experience of the transcendent other. Mice don't have bad trips because they only instinctively respond to the physical realm. They cannot choose to react as we do in a waking life, therefore they would not have bad trips. Also remember that everything is medicine in a small dose, energy/sustenance and a slightly larger and a drug at a larger threshold.

    Judgement of ourselves and others will make us blind.

  6. Sam Lange says

    Well….This article seems a little thin. Not going to lie I have done shrooms before and they're pretty awesome. But if using them will make people "forget their fear", couldn't that be dangerous? The mice forgot the danger of an electric shock, meaning that they would be susceptible to more electric shock and not be ready for it.

  7. Sarah Louise Morrison says

    They put me on Prozac when I was 17. Mom says I was a vegetable for months, till I went bat shit crazy one day,, and she wouldn't give them to me anymore.. I don't remember any of it. Now I suffer from PTSD but I refuse to take any psychotropic drugs.. I do take beta blockers n smoke a wee bit o herb to relax :) it's very interesting to see how shrooms help. I'm not one for indulging in drugs except for what's grown, and I can see what they mean by the loss of fear :)

  8. says

    you should have done some research yourself James, before you took something you had little understanding of. The reason that you had a negative experience is because you took no care to make sure the set and setting was right, and you probably didn't have an elder to guide you…. don't be so negative, that dark scary place you talk about IS YOU.

  9. says

    Despite being a little overly biased I think this is a really cool article. Don't forget that the main audience you are probably trying to appeal to (since all of us psychadelic maniacs are already sold) are the skeptics. I think you included a little too much personal opinion here nd as @James Vaughn said are missing a step in including some more textual evidence. Citations and maybe your own information would certainly make this more credible. But I appreciate all the info you included :) thank you!

  10. Miguel Gabriel Jacob Varela says

    Ty bro for saying those words, I was about to type the same for that noob. Just another example we are all the same; even that noob who likes luxury and loves his fake goverment… healthy food lmao he don't even know about transgenics…

  11. Miguel Gabriel Jacob Varela says

    All psychotropics such as weed are good, they relax and get you a little bit out of the fake realm but they only shuffle your mind and give you all your ideas without a filter… instead the category of lsd/peyote/shrooms and others are no psychotropic, instead they are "visionaries" wich are the opposite. Ill give you and example, your life is like a deck of cards, and every day youll get just one random card on top, if you do psychodelics you will have the full deck, access to the rest wich was not abailable before, but all cards together… good and bad stuff…. visionaries in a weird way will just find the perfect card for you and put it on top, not mixing the rest or giving you any bad card unless you needed it for some reason, to get some fear out thru an experience… instead youll get the perfect card you needed, you can even get the joker on top… tru medicine from mother earth…

  12. Nenad Djordjevic says

    You just have to learn to let go of yourself and observe the wonders of Truespace. Observe, not interact. It's not an easy thing to do, but it's achievable through proper self-training techniques. Some 'drugs' are not meant for fun. Don't be offended, man, but you sound pretty close minded and not so well informed. Either you're too young or the society you cherish so much took the better part of you. Fight laws with more laws ? Joke of the millenium, man. Hope you'll recover some day – and don't be surprised if it happens by the means you bark and spit so much on.

  13. Nenad Djordjevic says

    Exactly. Pseudo assumptions and aggressive arrogant prejudices scream for a right dose of shrooms ;) USA is so far from being the peak of present moment civilization – just look at Iceland, Latin America, Sweden, Norway, Germany, all future lands and future societies. USA is fuckin' amplified and sugar-coated feudalism.

  14. says

    The mice are reacting to the noise associated with the shock not the shock itself. This could hypothetically mean that a soldier who has PTSD to loud noises (association from war) could cope with loud noises by using shrooms quicker than a soldier who does not use shrooms. No danger there but I can see if they were still at war it wouldn't be good to "lose the fear".

  15. says

    Fast for a couple of hours, and take it at a nature park with a friend. Preferably a place where no one could bother you. Take 3 grams, and let it take you where it wants to take you. You're only in a dark place because you let the fear get ahold of you. Fear isn't real. Learn to let go in a shroom trip. You're scared of what during a shroom trip? What is there to be scared of? I've had some intense trips where it was scary but I'd do shrooms again in a heartbeat because I know I can control my fear. There was a trip story I read, this one guy and his friend tooks shrooms and that guys friend started freaking out and ran into the closet. About an hour later he comes out, and the guys asks his friend, "what happened?" His friend replied, "I realized there is no such thing as fear."

  16. Julian Bates says

    After not starting too brightly, this comment by James gradually goes downhill in the last 2 paragraphs… There's always one who has to vent his aggression in various ways -this one projecting 'laziness & fear' so ignorantly onto another he does not know!!
    Can we have another button saying 'troll suspect'.

  17. Martino James Baltiero says

    You probably just aren't comfortable with yourself subconsciously, I've tripped balls to the point of seeing vibrating rainbows and I was able to love myself, my surrounding and understand my trigonometry homework a little better. Realistically, you are probably insecure and vulnerable naturally…soooo..don't blame the Earth's mana…

  18. Chris Brown says

    Sounds like you had no respect for the mushrooms and treated them like a frat boy treats beer. Bet you wont do that again.

  19. says

    HOLY COW $#!+ PIES!!!!!! YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!! Im wondering if the other side actually hires/forces people to find these posts in order to denounce the written materials. its all about doubt. …"youre denial is beneath you, & thanks to the use of Hallucinigenic {drugs} I now SEE THROUGH You." – Brother Billy H. <3 <3 <3 :-)

  20. Chris Brown says

    I have PTSD and microdosing works. I dont know why or how but it works. I have yet to try a full blown trip since knowing that I have ptsd, but have on 2 occasions taken just a tiny amount (1/2 gram cubensis), and both times I noticed a significant reduction in anxiety and rage for at least a month or so after the dosing. There is much peer reviewed research coming from M.A.P.S. available here:

  21. Chris Brown says

    I have PTSD and microdosing works. I don't know why or how but it works. I have yet to try a full blown trip since knowing that I have ptsd, but have on 2 occasions taken just a tiny amount (1/2 gram cubensis), and both times I noticed a significant reduction in anxiety and rage for at least a month or so after the dosing. There is much peer reviewed research coming from M.A.P.S. available here:

  22. says

    Here in Germany they grow everywhere in autumn :D At the end of august until end of september, sometimes even in mid november you can pick masses of them up

  23. says

    Ignorant asshole is as ignorant asshole does, the fact you had a bad trip then proceeded to marginalize a population of open-minded people who have more positive mindsets shows that you go through mental patterns that directly correlated to your bad trip.

  24. Lexus Long says

    I love magic mushrooms! They have helped my PTSD n depression… They have shown me good reasons for life. I recommend to all that believe they have good train of thought. In all my trips I learn something new that definitely helps me later n life n I love them with a fuckin passion

  25. Rose Labrouste says

    that talks about curating, so that means you are not alone by yourself in the dark but with a doctor at your side.

  26. Duncan Bray says

    man… you have a rough ride ahead of you youngster. Best of luck with it. I suggest you eat a lot more shrooms. If you had bad experiences, this could be because you picked another type of mushroom which looks very similar but is simply poisonous. When I was young and we used to go picking, we learned how to tell which is which. It's the same with LSD .. people used to eat 'kitchen sink' garbage and have horrible experiences. Pure LSD is actually very mellow, until extremely high doses, which CAN lead to the Oneness experience that so many have had. // Be careful. Educate yourself. USE the net. Dissing shit only shows one as being afraid … period. // That's OK. We've all been afraid at some point. Dealing with that is part of what is called growing up.. tho the term is usually misused. Peace to you, lad.

  27. Tony Chenster says

    1. For the pair of polynomial functions P(x) and A(x), find P(x) – A(x).
    P(x) = 4×3 – 9×2 + 7x
    A(x) = 3×3 + 2×2 + 3x

    Back with the answer after my mushroom omelette

  28. Darrell Hughs says

    Jon Salter YOU GOT IT BUD ,WOULD BE A PLEASURE TO TRIP WITH A GUY LIKE YOU !james sounds a chronic waster! BILLY NO FRIENDS ! dont want him around a trippy time trek ! lets travel the cosmos and play poker with jeebus and ghandi !! lol thoughts out to my mentors russel and paula ! texas trippers and great minds !! 35 years ago !!still best of buds,CHEERS to the power of the fungi !..i i was in AUSTIN ,TX 1984 and drove to the grateful dead concert (at the race course ??)there whilst on mexican mushies !its on youtube and was filmed right behind us no freaking out just an amazing nite !

  29. Exiled SpiRit says

    Considering LSD is far more potent of a hallucinogen i am intrigued to find out if that too would be a viable option. Granted its actual LSD in its natural state and not some bath tub back alley acid.

  30. Transylvania Calling says

    "Do not trust the author of the article, do not trust me either. Do your own
    research, do the math, ask people who you do trust. Draw your own

  31. Jessica Melbourne says

    Duncan Bray Even the "right" mushrooms can be very dark and frightening if you are in a dark place emotionally or if you are carrying anxiety o any kind at the time of the trip. If could be something as simple as doing it in a setting where you fear there is a potential you may be caught/interrupted whilst tripping… this small amount of anxiety can lead you into a dark place and become six hours of angst ridden hell. There are also differences in character of trip between different types of mushrooms. Most report cubes for example, to be very mellow and mild, while the subs we get in the southern parts of this country give a dark, deep, sometimes frightening (but still awe inspiring and cathartic) experience. This is why set and setting are such a major part of doing it right. But knowing your fungus is important too.

  32. says

    Shrooms show you what you have to see, you probably have a big fear of death, and tje shroom wants you to let go your ego and quit this fear. Shrooms work with uncincious they are smarter than you are, listen to them

  33. James Vaughn says

    @ Liang Ng, why do you ask?

    @ Jon Coombs, that's an interesting story, but forgive me for doubting you took 400 *pounds* of mushrooms in one sitting. Was that a typo? I can't imagine how anyone could manage to consume 400 *pounds* of *anything* in one day, much less one sitting, and much less psilocybin mushrooms.

    @ Jon Salter, it's interesting that you talk about such beautiful, enlightening experiences while in the same message say such ugly, hateful, ignorant things full of derogatory remarks, name-calling and gross, erroneous assumptions. There's no "hating" on my part. That's your projection.

    A couple examples I'll point out (about your erroneous assumptions) is that I entered the world of psychedelics at the age of 12 with LSD. I experienced mushrooms at 19. I continued to explore psychedelics perhaps once a month on average for the next several years. I'm 39 now. So I'm far from being a noob. This is all aside of my deep interest and studies in world mythologies and psychology, as well as the biochemistry of both brain function and psychedelics.

    Regarding my experiences, the fact is all of them were shared with experienced, conscientious trippers, in a safe environment, coupled with my clear, respectful intentions towards the "Plant Teacher." I actually had very beautiful experiences on mushrooms, but I was pointing out that there was also a very specific "chapter" in each of those journeys that threw my mortality in my face in very scary ways. And, while I certainly wouldn't attempt to drive a car while tripping balls, I was simply noting that despite what the author suggests, magic mushrooms don't promote "normal" brain function. Realizing you have your keys in your hand, and being able to drive, are abilities of "normal brain function". Not possible when tripping balls, hence not promoting normal brain function. (I actually had to explain this?)

    What's interesting is that I never experienced that deep terror on DMT or Ayahuasca which I have also done many times each. Being that all three are Tryptamines it's clear there's something particular to mushrooms that doesn't jive with my system. The most I ever took in one session was 5 grams, and that was only one time. Interestingly, it was no more overwhelming than the times I took two caps and a stem. I don't know what makes you think I'm "scared and weak" but if that were the case, I certainly wouldn't have gone back to the mushrooms many many times despite having those terrifying chapters where I would come to believe that I'd have to concentrate on keeping my heart beating, and my lungs breathing, or I would die. This happened every time. Interestingly, once I found myself there, I would naturally despair and pray to God to save me/get me through that chapter, and once I started praying, there was this disembodied, malevolent being (that felt like the Devil, if there is such a being) that laughed at me, saying, "God can't help you. You're in *my* realm now." Naturally, this would just send me further into terror and despair. Eventually, somehow, I got through it, woke up the next morning, and swore to myself "Never again!" But I did it over and over again despite -convinced that I was missing something or simply needed to do "more work." Such symptoms are experienced by people with schizophrenia which is not considered normal brain function. That's all I was pointing out. Being in that state is not "normal" or "healthy" -it's what we *do* with it that is the true gauge of someone's mental health and spiritual character.

  34. James Vaughn says

    As it turned out, I did a mushroom tea circle with about 15 people when I was 23 that became a classic shamanic experience. Again, I entered that "dark chapter" of my journey, but instead of getting sucker punched by that dark, disembodied entity like before, I saw it approaching from a distance as tiger that was only visible by its stripes which were ultra luminescent and super saturated. As it menacingly stalked towards me, I had a moment to face off with it where I told it how I recognized it from before and had been powerless to thwart it, so the only thing left to do was peacefully surrender to it and accept what was to come. By that point, I had already experienced myself as pure consciousness and was certain I would continue to exist as consciousness out of my body should I be parted from it. As if to test my resolve, the tiger leaped towards me for the kill, and I absorbed it in a way that was just like how Neo jumped into Agent Smith at the end of "The Matrix." I felt a surge of exhilarating power and realized that I had just conquered my fear of death.

    And so Jon Salter, you can eat your words. I suggest taking up Zen meditation and Buddhist principles. It would be in your best interests to ask more questions and approach situations with a sense of curiosity instead of knee jerk reaction, judgment, and hostility. Hostility, btw, is a symptom of fear. So I invite you to do some introspection and find what it is that you're afraid of that compels you to attack me.

    Another instance you misconstrued things is your assertions about what I said about anarchy. What are you even referring to there? Were you reading something from someone else? I don't see what you're referencing that lines up with your allegation that I "defined" anarchy as some Mad Max dystopian wasteland. Looks like you're in your own Private Idaho there.

    The fact is, in an example of what some call "conscious anarchy" and others "cultural creatives" (which is the term I use), in an effort to not participate in the Blood for Oil paradigm, I started wondering what else I could use as fuel for my car that didn't necessitate warfare to protect our oil interests in the Middle East. I quickly discovered the world of Biodiesel and subsequently founded the San Francisco Biofuels Cooperative, organizing it in such a way that if I was ever "removed" by Big Oil interests, a decentralized executive structure would ensure its continuity. I recruited and trained people for every aspect of the organization and then cut it loose as I moved on to other projects. The coop evolved into what is now

    Once I realized I was complicit in War for Oil simply by being a consumer, I did something about it. I took direct action and created an alternative. I wasn't content to be one of those millions of lazy hypocrites driving some gas guzzling vehicle with the bumper sticker "No Blood for Oil" on it. That's why I object to the author's article -because he's just ranting. He's not writing about what he's actually *doing* in the concrete world of cause and effect. He's just telling other people to do that work, as if he's only part in this is to write this article. And that's why I see him as lazy.

    Another example of how I'm a Cultural Creative, far from a scared and lazy person, I quickly realized the limits of psychedelics. I realized they show us a door, but we have to make a choice to walk through it and take the journey on our own, using what we learned from those experiences. I realized how people were taking drugs (in the rave scene of the early 90's) and ultimately trying to connect on a deeper level with each other. I saw how drugs had become a crutch. So I started opening up this discussion with them about how we could find other ways to create these connections from a more intrinsic, conscious, intentional, authentic basis. Interestingly, they all said they were thinking along the same lines by then too and were very enthusiastic about brainstorming and experimenting with this. And we were very successful in producing highly conscious, meaningful, and satisfying events that made massive ripples in the scene. Eventually groups like Yoga Tai Chi Collective started taking shape. It took courage to open my soul up to others like that, and risk stepping on their toes when it came to their drug use. But it created a healthier, happier, more connected community. While we didn't forbid the use of drugs, and occasionally held conscious journeys with entheogens, We became very clear about their limits, and thus didn't fall into the trap of delusions that people fall prey to who rely on entheogens as a means towards spiritual growth and personal insight. Indeed, I discovered deeper truths and more constructive tools for living through a formal education in psychology, meditation, yoga, tai chi, NLP, and in a nutshell relying on intrinsic abilities that people get out of touch with when they habitually rely on external means like drugs. Don't get me wrong, they have their uses, but those uses are definitely limited; and to deny that is to set one's self up for many problems in life.

  35. James Vaughn says

    ….Wow, I only read as far as Jon Salter's comment before I replied. Now I'm reading the rest of the comments, and it's really interesting the assumptions and stories that people are making here, and what they're choosing to make from my original comment. Lots of you are eating your words now. Hopefully those people will take a more curious, inquisitive approach and not jump to conclusions. "Youngster." That's a hoot!

  36. James Vaughn says

    Cassius Methyl , it looks like the article-poster did credit you. Right above where the text begins, it says "By Cassius Methyl."

    Btw, when you wrote that, did you include links to all your references that the poster left out? If you didn't include your references before, it would be great if you did, particularly since you're talking about a university study. Give credit where credit's due and all that :)

  37. James Vaughn says

    Jon Salter, what gives you any credibility concerning the things you're ranting about anyway? What kind of an education did you get about GMO, biochemistry, etc. outside of internet blogs and Wikipedia? Just reading about it online doesn't give people credibility when it comes to comprehension. Did you get straight A's in chemistry, biology, and biotechnology to demonstrate your understanding of these issues?

    Have you worked for the UN or the WHO, and lived in 3rd world countries where companies like Monsanto are actually helping to curb starvation by making food plants that can survive otherwise nonviable agricultural environments where people are living? I'm surrounded by PhDs who have been on the ground dealing with the realities of those countries. Who are you?

    To complain about water in the U.S. you clearly have never had to live in a village where there's no electricity, no cell phone service, no water treatment to protect you from pathogenic bacteria and protozoa, no sewage system to carry waste away from habitats, scant nutrition scratched out of the earth by season instead of Whole Foods grocery… need I go on?

    I've actually done my diligence and looked at the reports of our water treatment facilities. I know the people who work there. I've seen water under the microscope that's not been treated vs. what has been treated.

    The person who posted this article isn't even the author! You think that's "research?"

    To demonstrate "open mindedness," I made the effort to actually understand the realities of GMO and the drug industry, instead of the hype and self-righteous mania of the general outraged, uneducated public, by getting a formal education in biotechnology. Part of that was to not be dismissive or demonize such industries out of hand. There's agenda on all sides of those issues that take a lot more than reading a few articles to fully comprehend. Part of my desire was to better understand the ins and outs of the drug industry so I can help further the research on a plant that grows in the Amazon rain forest that I used to cure my grandfather of prostate cancer.

    Complete history of Graviola:

    2011 in-vivo Breast cancer study:

    2012 in-vivo Pancreatic cancer study:

    I learned of Graviola back in 2002 after meeting a distributor of the Amazon Herb Co. through incredibly serendipitous circumstances when I shared my idea of starting a tobacco company using Amazon rain forest tobacco to direct tobacco consumer dollars towards saving the rainforest -which I thought up while readying Jeremy Narby's "The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge."

    If I didn't have an open mind, and if my grandfather didn't have one, we wouldn't have enjoyed far fewer years of each other. And so I've been promoting that research ever since while hounding organizations like Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute to at the very least put the existing research on their web sites so that health consumers can make their own informed cancer-care choices. Even with this successful human trial of Graviola's more potent N. American cousin, Asimina triloba (aka Paw Paw) these agencies make up excuses to ignore it:

    It would outrage the world to learn that hundreds of millions of lives could have been saved from cancer had they simply had this information made available to them. I was just incredibly lucky to find it. You wouldn't be able to find out about these through a Google search without knowing there names. Just to show an example of this, if you search "Natural Cancer Cures" you'll get many links, but you'd never know which "cure" to run with. Even Natural News doesn't list these two plants in their top 7:

    Point being, I'm very open minded yet also a critical thinker. I do my diligence, and I walk the talk. I don't just rant about something I heard. I consider it a waste of mine and other people's time to just make a fuss rather than actually do something about it, or at the very least provide suggestions for effective action. There's no use in bad news that we can't do anything about. All it does is lower our quality of life.

    But getting back to the topic of magic mushrooms as tools for brain health, here's a link to a legitimate, credible study on the matter at John Hopkins University:

    As a cognitive biopsychology major, I can say with authority that while mushrooms can have beneficial cognitive effects on people with anxiety and PTSD, in part, by "softening" or breaking down the ego and the "stories" it makes that hold people emotionally captive, it's not a cure-all. Moreover, it can actually be dangerous for those with predispositions towards mental illness to take them without professional supervision. There are many people who are vulnerable to just a single "push" over their psychological edge that they will have to get a lot of help, and have a lot of luck, to ever get back to normal. For many, they can never return to their previously functional state.

    Also, one doesn't have to take mushrooms to "wake up." We already have built into our brains the ability to think abstractly and determine what works and what doesn't. In fact, from my many years of observation, I've seen the a greater share of trippers to be less emotionally stable and less cognitively capable of navigating through society and life in general than that seen percentage wise in the world of muggles.

  38. James Vaughn says

    Gina, you should go back and read my later comments in this thread. Then write back to me and tell me if you still think I'm ignorant, or that you can humbly acknowledge you made a lot of assumptions that you could have avoided by asking questions to find out the truth instead of making up judgmental stories.

  39. James Vaughn says

    Jon Salter apparently, replying to the thread doesn't notify everyone who commented on it, so you should go back and read my later comments in this thread.

  40. says

    James Vaughn the source for the article is here

    As for what else you said, I have to disagree. Breaking the anti-mushroom laws with a growbox in your own house hurts no one, and calling it "anarchy" is a bit of a stretch. Policy changes are almost impossible unless if you inherently have a lot of political power. If I am not mistaken, an FDA director was FIRED in the 90s for as little as simply saying that mushrooms and MDMA were less toxic than alcohol in an interview. Which is objectively true. and they FIRED him for that. Imagine how hard it'd be for hippies to get them to LEGALIZE it!!

  41. James Vaughn says

    Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Cassius didn't list his reference(s), so what makes you believe the study you provided was necessarily *the* study he was referring to? Did you see that I already listed the following as likely references quite a while ago?

    The original study:

    As for the rest of your comment, I didn't say anything about people cultivating psilocybin mushrooms in growboxes for *personal* use. With all due respect, I think you're projecting there, because *some* people, without mental conditions, and with proper orientation can use psilocybin mushrooms fine. But without the mental stability, and without the proper education, people *can* hurt themselves in a variety of ways by taking mushrooms, whether they bought them from someone or grew them themselves. It's have a bad trip that can lead to people doing things that can either bring real harm to their bodies, or land them in jail if tripping alone. I'm only saying that people owe it to themselves to make sure they know what they're doing. I consider it unethical to promote things like this without the proper disclaimers because a lot of young people are very impressionable and will take faulty information for granted which can lead them to bad places.

    How is it a "stretch" to call breaking the law anarchy when the literal definition of it is to act outside or or without law? You're just being self-defeating, and by extension, justifying illegal activity that can ruin people's lives, by suggesting that they should just ignore and break laws instead of making efforts to change the law. No law has ever been changed -nor instituted- by only *one* person in a democratic society, only in dictatorships and monarchies. If that wasn't the case, we'd still be living under English rule, or the Nazis. Black slavery would still exist, and women wouldn't have the right to vote. All of these represent significant changes in American law that were accomplished by many people working together. That's what democracy is about, and that is how we can legalize drugs. Even the United Nation's Global Commission on Drug Policy is recommending legalization*, so banish your notions about how change can only come from individuals who "have a lot of political power."


  42. says

    James Vaughn "what makes you believe the study you provided was necessarily *the* study he was referring to?"

    The study I linked you to has the exact same title and authors as the study you linked. If he didn't list his references, what makes you sure YOUR link was the one he was referring to? :P I think it's clear they're that same thing.

    But I agree with you a lot. Thanks for the words and clarification on your point. You are correct that change must come from organized assembly. I also shouldn't say that psilocybin absolutely hurts no one, because it can and has, although statistically that is rare.

  43. James Vaughn says

    Flamboyant Cuttlefish, yeah, as far as I know, no one has died from toxicity taking psilocybin mushrooms, although some might consider it "overdosing" if they get an overwhelming trip from taking a large dose. The most I ever took was 5 grams, which Terence McKenna regarded as a "heroic dose," and while it took me to some very interesting places, I didn't experience the dark, foreboding presence that I had before on smaller doses most of the time, so I've been curious about that because I figure a bigger dose -for me- would amplify whatever conditions gave rise to "the Dark One."

    When I have the time again, I'm going to experiment with that. I'm wondering if taking the larger dose somehow took me beyond the ego far enough to transcend whatever mechanisms contribute to such deep anxiety and terror. It was the first time I got strong visualizations with my eyes open. The ceiling became a living mosaic of Mayan glyphs highlighted as if there was a fiery furnace behind them. The space between my girlfriend and I became colorful aqueous fractaline that all sense of separateness dissolved into, and all our most personal thoughts and feelings became completely open to each other. I was able to manipulate areas of blocked energy to release them. Wow! That was a great experience. It's been a long time since I had one like that.

    My interest these days is in Ayahuasca, and I plan to make my first trip to the Amazon this summer to experience there. I've done 3 events with the Santo Daime in the Bay Area, so I'm expecting a significant difference by experiencing it in the pre-Columbian tradition in its native environment :)

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