Teen Transgender Couple: Boy Was A Girl And Girlfriend Was A Boy

Teen Transgender Couple: Boy Was A Girl And Girlfriend Was A Boy
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Teen Transgender Couple: Boy Was A Girl And Girlfriend Was A Boy

TEENAGERS Arin Andrews and Katie Hill look like any loving young couple posing in their swimwear.

It is hard to believe that just two years ago he was a girl called Emerald and she was a boy called Luke.

Arin, 17, and Katie, 19, have both undergone surgery to change their gender.

Just over a year ago Katie, a university student, had gender reassignment surgery.

Last month Arin, who is still at school, had his breasts removed.

He says: “I hated my breasts, I always felt like they didn’t belong. Now I finally feel comfortable in my own body.

“Now when I’m out in a public pool or lifting weights, no one raises an eyebrow. They just think I’m a guy “I can wear a tank top, which I couldn’t before, and I can go swimming shirtless. I can just be a regular guy.

“And I’m so lucky to have my family and Katie to rely on.”

The couple met nearly two years ago at a support group for transgender teenagers. They bonded through their shared experiences.


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  1. Capriquarius Pleiadian Lightworker says

    you're insane and learn to have some respect. they probably laugh more than you! also, haters gonna hate… take a good look in the mirror!

  2. Isaac Duraisingh says

    You can be happy it doesn't matter . What god created no man can change those. It's against the laws of god.

  3. Ahmed Ibrahim says

    I'm getting confused they both transformed but do arin have a dick how they're living their sexuality if she don't have one.

  4. Ahmed Ibrahim says

    the trans has the right to do what they do but also Dino Sanchez has the right to express his opinion and you gotta learn some respect also cuz you called him insane so a person who lacks repsect can't teach it to others so plz think before you write

  5. says

    gorgeous! and kudos to the parents for actually listening to their kids. transgender teens are among the highest in suicide rates. cuz their parents don't accept them and peers bully. welcome to Redneck America… gross..

  6. says

    you're an idiot. seriously? you think you have the answers to what God created and why? and if you wanna be cocky and say "The Bible", then let me inform you that the Bible was written by the counsel of nicea, basically pharisees. pretty fucking much. have faith in God, not faith in words written by human beings.

  7. Ahmed Pasic says

    It can be anything but this pictures ain't beautifull. I feel sorry for those two. Poor creatures. I feel sorry for them as I feel sorry for M. Jackson and others who play around with their look. Bigger boobs, small ass, remove va*ina and attach pe*is. Where this world is going? Woman ain't women anymore and man is almost women.

  8. says

    Hey Isaac is it god's law to make transmittable virus, genetic disorders and syndromes. If so then god made a genetic mistake and he is flawed. My god is considered nothing more a observer, we were created by a miracle of science. We might be flawed, but that isn't what defines us. What we have is Hope, Determination, Love, and Understanding. If we all worshiped your god with so many laws and rules, then we are pretty much a machine programmed to do what we are told. He are humans we look for each other for help, we might not always be able to correct a syndrome or Disorder. What these transgender have is Gender Identity Disorder, it is genetically impossible to correct, you can change some of the chemicals of your body and physical appearance to change your gender. You will still partially be your latter-self, but your will feel better about yourself.

  9. Anton Gnanaraj says

    I'm glad Brother that you are dare enough to say the truth… While people is dare enough to do something, we should we be dare enough to protest them… Keep posting.. Never give up..

  10. says

    seriously dude , look at their bodies , it can't be !
    He cut his dick ? she grows a dick instead ? He grows some boobs and she removed her breast !!! , what a lie :3

  11. Iyad Dwedari says

    لعنة الله عليكم وعلى الأطباء الذين قاموا بهذه العملية التلاعب بخلق الله وتغير الجنس هو من علامات يوم القيمة أين أباء هولاء الأولاد.

  12. says

    That's cool and all and I'm happy for them. But all I'm saying is if I'm at a bar, and some girl that used to be a guy approaches me and doesn't tell me and something happened…..I would be scarred for life…

  13. Jeff Leeper says

    العذارى الخاص تنتظركم في الجنة، هم الرجال من مختلف الأعمار مع قضبان كبيرة لتذوق الخاص

  14. Asli Arsakay Cakir says

    Its not a lie. You can actually do that with hormone injections. If you inject a man with estrogen, his voice will break and he will start to develop breasts. If you inject women with testosterone, she will grow facial hair, have a deep voice, more muscle etc.

  15. Mohamed Toson says

    Isaac, as fare as i understood, you don't like changing good creation, which is against the laws of god, and you are 100 % right
    thumbs up man

  16. Angelic Seitz says

    I think it's great. I can understand how it feels to be in the wrong skin. I feel like that allot. But they seem happy now. I can find no fault in that. It's there bodies. There hearts. There lives. Let them live it. You go guys!

  17. Jamie Collins says

    i bet you all changed his mind, and probably pleased your "god" or the bottom black hole of a soul you may harbor. What for…the monies?!….wait, why not?

  18. Krl Calub says

    Syed AR HaShmii so what if they did? at least they're happy… how about you? frowning on things that is not your problem?

  19. Sorgens Kammer says

    You have to be a an overmasturbating ignorant dumb half drunk american cunt to even think or wish to be the opposite sex!Why?Because everything you wish pours out of the sky!"Hey daddy I wanna be a girl!Sure son,if that's what you wish!"Other young people struggle to work or study and make a better world while other "men" fantasize on sucking a cock while fingering their imaginative holes and other "girls" who wish to have their own dick so they can drill a "man's" ass!10 years later,I'll open google to find out that a couple of retards are protesting to legalize incest or shouting out on the streets to win rights for building their own gay police and army!Yeehaw!Let's be a bunch of transgendered gays who have incestual relationships because that what happiness means to us!Why are we hated?We are normal people just like any others!

  20. Kaeylyn Hunt says

    Sorgens Kammer So tell us,how long have you been dealing with your Man Sex Fantasies eh?Those who are as virulent as you against Homosexuality and Transgender are ALWAYS Closet cases yourselves.So far in the closet you can see Narnia.You AREN'T a good person for carrying around such hate and then trying to hide behind God to do so.You're a sad,pathetic lost soul who is sooo deep in self denial and self hate,you turn it outwards onto others,because you fear your own self.Get help,you need it.

  21. Sufee Yama says

    Sorgens Kammer Fucking so true. I'm also the one who cant fucking pretend this is fucking OK on this planet ! This couple is weirdo but not as weird as these gays who support them !

  22. Sorgens Kammer says

    Kaeylyn Hunt Who told you I hide behind god?Instead of trying to judge me bring a good argument linked to my opinion!I don't even believe in any god and the only thing I can be afraid of is seeing this ignorant world getting raped by multiculturalism,gay parades,clit dreaming little girls,pedophiles,communists,feminists,fast food addicts and many other bizzare creatures that scream for their rights!Men should be MEN and wemen should be WEMEN and those who do not support this claim need serious help!So if you dream on supporting wemen with cocks and men with tits you need to run to your shrink asap before it's too late! At lest learn how to defend your opinion instead of telling me how "pathetic" and "lost" I am.How do you already know me when you can't even point my country on the world map?

  23. says

    nice and happy couple :) congratulation :)) but is surgery can do miraclel and give them real sexual organs?
    I don't want to say that everything in relationship between boys and girls is sex, but such a people who have problem with the genetic gender for sure before surgery had imaginations about the sex after surgery ;) the point I want to come with is that:are these smiles and figures are real or its just a mask!

  24. Ernesto Nikolas Bastias Campos says

    ^ This, also, they don't "cut the dick" off, they 'transform' it into a vagina, same can be done backwards, she doesn't "grow a dick", the vagina is transformed into penis with surgery. Not an overly complex surgery either, AFAIK.

  25. says

    Ricky Aha Aha agreed 100% best thing humanity can do is live and let live. when someone does finally find some drop of happiness in this mad world it seems no one can just stfu and be happy for them.

  26. Luis Phelipe Camacho says

    Alexis Dorn The Council of Nicaea was composed of Romans, dipshit. And all they did was chose which, of the Over 30 Gospels, to publish. Get your shit straight man.

  27. Adam Markon says

    Well the good news is that every single one of you criticizing them has the right to judge other people's lifestyles and who they choose to love. -_-

    That was sarcastic if you didn't catch it. You guys who are criticizing are close-minded assholes who need to open your eyes and realize that just because they're different doesn't mean they're wrong. To be honest, I think this relationship is more valid that a "traditional" one man/one woman marriage. This is the most extreme example of accepting someone else for who they are deep down.

  28. David Palermo says

    Syed AR HaShmii Im confused as to what gender has to do with being a couple?

    Anyhow, they look happy Syed and you sound full of judgmental hate. Please find peace friend.

  29. Corey Lewis says

    Nur Amira Zulkiflli , now prove that the god you're talking about actually exists, and you might be able to hold my attention. Until then, you're nothing more than another typical bigoted theist attempting to put others down because you know that your stance is without evidence, and want to take some odd type of 'high ground' to justify your baseless claim.

  30. Deion Tigra says

    What an absolutely lovely couple! They look so happy, and they look great together! I see a very happy future for them ^_^.

  31. says

    hm the girl who transformed into a boy is astonishing Oo I would never lay a guess that he was even female before. the boy to girl has still some things to do if he/she really want to be completed.

    But in the end I guess everyone has to live with his mind and actions. It's not like I would care what happen to them x) be happy people! only yourself matter, ignore the world and the pre-shit society crap.

  32. says

    Sorgens Kammer i think the real question is: who fucking cares?
    if they arent hurting anyone and dont force their views on anyone else….why should you care what they do with their bodies?

  33. says

    Alexis Dorn – dude, bible or no bible religion or no religion, god or no god, the laws of nature made man man and woman woman..if you come in between the two by natural causes thats a different story, but to willingly change your whole body to that degree is just stupid. they can love each other and be happy all they want. doesnt change the fact that they are basically almost man-made.

  34. says

    happy couple indeed – beautiful – maybe.. natural? no. for fucks sake people how can this be alright? its on the same level as GMO..im all for people to be happy and if they are happy together then thats fine. but no denying reality. this shit is weird.

  35. Campbell Bianca says

    Just to out the biology argument to rest, biologically speaking, there are no steadfast expressions on gender in either the physical presentation of sex or in the ways sex and gender are determined chromosomally. Read up on intersexed people. 1 in 200 people don't fit tightly into either of those gender boxes. XX and XY aren't they only combinations we come in. What gender is someone born XXY, a common variation of our DNA? In fact, we are all born with vagainas and it is the presence of testosterone in the womb that encourages the development of a penis. There are many people who are chromosomally "male", but due to either low testosterone in the womb or an allergy to testosterone do not develop a penis. This is all a natural, god-manufactured, and regular occurrence. So if a trans person says they think they were born with the wrong sex, believe them!

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