Scientists confirm: Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry made of materials from outer space

Scientists confirm: Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry made of materials from outer space

Scientists confirm: Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry made of materials from outer space

The University College London (UCL) Petrie Museum in London is home to ancient Egyptian iron beads that were once thought to be hammered out of traditional iron ore. Researchers from UCL have dispelled this notion, revealing that the earliest jewelry artifacts were actually made from materials from outer space.

UCL Archaeologist and Professor Thilo Rehren is uncovering fascinating new evidence on the ancient Egyptian beads. He says, “The shape of the beads was obtained by smithing and rolling, most likely involving multiple cycles of hammering, and not by the traditional stone-working techniques such as carving or drilling which were used for the other beads found in the same tomb.”

Finding out where the beads came from

“Even 100 years ago, [the beads] attracted attention as being something strange,” Rehren said.
Rehren and a team of researchers are proving that the beads are actually cosmic jewelry, hammered from pieces of meteorites. Their evidence suggests that the ore used to make the beads originates from an era existing two millenniums before communities learned how to smelt and tamper traditional iron ore into iron.

The beads from the UCL Petrie Museum were discovered in 1911 near the village of el-Gerzeh in Lower Egypt. Dug up in a cemetery that dates back to approximately 3200 B.C., the beads were found to be corroded to their core. Using x-rays, the researchers have determined the continuity of the beads. They’ve concluded that the beads do not come from magnetite, which typically resembles meteoric iron, but actually come from meteoric iron from outer space origins. Scanning the beads further with neutron beams and gamma-rays, the researchers determined that the unique textures of nickel, phosphorous, cobalt, and germanium were indeed reminiscent of meteoric iron. The neutron beams and gamma-rays also helped them bypass more invasive testing that could have damaged the rare objects.

“The really exciting outcome of this research is that we were for the first time able to demonstrate conclusively that there are typical trace elements such as cobalt and germanium present in these beads, at levels that only occur in meteoritic iron,” Professor Rehren said.

How the beads were made

Rehren continues, “We are also excited to be able to see the internal structure of the beads, revealing how they were rolled and hammered into form. This is very different technology from the usual stone bead drilling, and shows quite an advanced understanding of how the metal smiths worked this rather difficult material.”

Their study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, further explains how the rock from outer space was meticulously hammered into thin sheets and then rolled into tubes that were woven around wooden sticks to create 0.8-inch-long, tube-shaped beads.

The nine beads from the museum are thought to be at least 5000 years old. They make up a necklace that was very valuable for its time and included gold and other precious gems.
Their results suggest that during the fourth millennium BC, meteoritic iron work had already been mastered.

This meteoritic iron-nickel alloy is a much harder and more brittle rock that predated copper and traditional iron ore work. This meteoritic iron work was the first basic training ground for blacksmiths, helping to pave the way for future learning of copper work and traditional iron work.


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  1. Amyah Labrèche-Docq says

    Interesting article. I read few studies about this throught the years… and it would explain why they were mounted on the priest' breast plates along with precious stones.

  2. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    Very interesting article. Of course meteorites fall from the sky, ( I always wondered why the jewelry of the Egyptians was so unique.
    I am not going to even address the rude comments except to say you really need to study history and put the pot away. Your brains are fried.

  3. Terri Cardinal says

    Who knows why people say the things they do . .lol . . I read this article the other day and found it very interesting . . there is so much that we do not know and I welcome everything "ancient related" that comes my way . . I love anthropology.

  4. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    Martin Persson Exactly what is stupid about saying meteorites fall from the sky and could have been used in jewelry making? You need to open your mind and research things.

  5. Terri Cardinal says

    Wow! the rude comments and name calling is so unwarranted . . . .and yes meteorites do fall from the sky – ie – space the final frontier! LOL

  6. Shaqil Niaj Mirza says

    Well then explain the hieroglyphics at Giza where you will see arts of spaceships and astronauts embossed on walls…lol

  7. says

    do i sense a simple mind discriminating my kind? how rude. so either the Egyptians managed to track falling meteorites or they are extra terrestrial hybrids like many suspect them to be and the Sumerians depict.

  8. Anu Nigul Guptill says

    How ignorant of you to assume pot makes brains fried or that people who don't read up on history are in such a state because of said pot.

    You need to put down the bottle, your brain is pickled.

  9. says

    Привет Там. , я обнаружил Ваш блог использование MSN Это чрезвычайно энергично написанная статья. я быть быть уверен , чтобы отметить его, и , возвращение к учится больше Вашего полезный информация . Спасибо для почты. я быть определенно возвращение .

  10. says

    I agree with most of what you say but you saying pot fries your brain is a lie and seriously misleading. You might want to study the real effects of marijuana so you don't sound so ignorant. Have a nice day. :D

  11. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    I am sorry that I mentioned pot, as you are right it does not fry your brain, but the rest of what I said is true. How do you know that the Egyptians weren't, extra terrestrial hybrids, as Brian Cruz stated? You are the ones with the closed minds, not me. I believe that anything is possible and I do not need hard, scientific evidence to believe.
    Have a good day.

  12. Cynthia Young says

    Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie okay. I never concurred or objected to any of the facts, and as none of us really did either in this conversation. No reason to try and put others down.

  13. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    Cynthia Young when did I put anyone down? I see my last post didn't make it here yet. I concurred that I agree pot does not fry your brain, but it would be nice if people were more open minded and believe that just maybe think you can't see and touch could be real?

  14. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    It would be nice if you all could ignore the pot comment, I have apologized and just think about the article and the possibilities?

  15. Cynthia Young says

    Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie Okay I see what you are say, my apologies. And that is all I was pointing out as well.

  16. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    It seems like people are more tuned into my pot comment than the article I wonder why that is? This could be a real discovery if people would just open their minds.

  17. Pandora Stile says

    Katrina, the problem isn't that people aren't believing what they're not seeing. It's that actually there aren't enough people using pot, and too many people not believing what they CAN see. Take chemtrails for example. People can be looking right at them and you mention them and point them out, and they're going to turn around and holler that you're crazy. I have my own personal beliefs about the weird shit that goes on in this world, and I can see the double, triple, quad, and sometimes even quintuple agents at work, manipulating everything we "think" is "reality." Your comment on pot can't be ignored because for some reason you felt the need to put pot or pot users down without thinking clearly about the reasons for your own closed-mindedness on a certain subject, or subjects. So I hope you can put down whatever substance you're on that is keeping your mind so closed.

  18. Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie says

    Pandora Stile Wow it was a joke and for your information I do not use any substance. I am very open minded and I don't see why you felt the need to attack me?

  19. Mr. Guy says

    You all know Stargate was a fictonal movie right? None of that happened. It was all made up. Like Star Wars.

  20. Johnny Allen says

    The snake at the top of the Egyptian’s head is to demonstrate the rising of the Kundalini into the crown and going down in the third eye, where it eventually descends back down into the belly. That’s how they communicated to what are called extra-terrestrial beings.

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