When I Saw This List Of Things Made In China, I Didn’t Expect To Be So Shocked

When I Saw This List Of Things Made In China, I Didn’t Expect To Be So Shocked

For some, talking about the fact that a number of things are not made in the United States anymore gets into territory that’s a little scary, because it feels like we’re criticizing the people of the countries where they are made now. I think it’s more about the companies that abandon factories here to make things elsewhere, costing the U.S. economy jobs that we desperately need right now. How about you?




ORIGINAL: By Visual.ly and International Business Times.


  1. says

    Strong China with the people ready to fight for the country…dangerous! DonĀ“t glorify the East as a place of peace and meditation, because the main sense of their meditation is relaxing after the past fight and concentrating for the next fight! Not the hippie ideals you imagine!

  2. Nourddine Harmouche says

    @Selima Qaderi : so you're saying Chinese people should starve to death just because the Western can't handle competition ? Sorry for your loss, but this way of thinking was left behind years ago & thinking that everything that moves "outside the western' safe zone" is a threat , is just as stupid as the war on terror, that caused more terror than we could ever have imagined on earth.

  3. says

    1. I didn't say any of those things you mentioned, so I'm not sure if you are replying to me. 2. Of course "war on terror" is a big US -Israel propaganda lie, that justifies and causes all the cruelties they do to the Muslim world. 3. Don't underestimate Russia-China, because if you are a pacifist wishing for a peaceful world, that doesn't mean that everybody else is too. And no, none of the Super powers looks peaceful to me, neither US-Israel, nor China, Russia, India….I am expecting (and being afraid of it) WWIII to start, and then you'll propably see the (true) face of Asia.

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