Shock: Mom & Dad Planned to Have Sex With Their Kids Before They Were Born — and Did

Shock: Mom & Dad Planned to Have Sex With Their Kids Before They Were Born — and Did

Editor’s Note: This article contains mature content and may be offensive to some readers. Proceed with caution.

Jonathan Adleta reportedly dreamed of the day he could have “daddy-daughter sex” — and ultimately his dream came to fruition.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, when his then-girlfriend Sarah became pregnant with his daughter, Jonathan Adleta refused to marry her unless she allowed for him to sexually abuse their daughter.

She accepted. If she later had a son, Sarah was expected to have a sexual relationship with him, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The couple reportedly made sex with their children “part of their parenting plan.”

On Thursday, Jonathan Adleta, 25, was convicted of  two-child sex charges and faces up to life in prison. He will be sentenced in December. Sarah Adleta, 29, pled guilty in May to two charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and faces up to 30 years in prison when sentenced next month.

Prosecutors throughout the week described in explicit detail the unconscionable sexual exploitation the Adleta’s daughter and son endured from their own parents.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gable reportedly said Jonathan Adleta had a “sexual appetite” for his own daughter.

Sarah Adleta reportedly said when they began dating, in 2008, Jonathan Adleta began showing her sexually graphic stories of fathers having sex with their daughters. She said she initially was unsure of the idea of allowing him to have sex with their child, but caved into the pressure because she was in love with him. They married him in 2010.

Jonathan Adleta, a marine who was wounded and earned the Purple Heart, was then deployed to Afghanistan. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was an Assistant Training Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

When Jonathan Adleta came back from his deployment, he continued to sexually exploit his kids, according to Sarah Adleta.

In 2011 the two divorced and Sarah Adleta moved away. But, despite their lack of close physical proximity, Sarah Adleta continued to allow Jonathan Adleta to abuse their daughter — through the electronic video conferencing service Skype.

In 2012, Jonathan Adleta then reportedly found a new girlfriend who also agreed to let him have sex with her daughter.

The girlfriend, Samantha Bryant, 23, not only allowed Jonathan Adleta to have sex with the child, but watched and even took pictures. At the request of Jonathan Adleta, she even performed sex acts on her own daughter.

Bryant, moreover, wrote fantasy-like stories about him having sex with her girl, after Jonathan Adleta requested it. Bryant reportedly pled guilty to sexually assaulting her own child and allowing Jonathan Adleta to exploit the little girl.

In December, Sarah Adleta said her husband visited for Christmas and again abused his own daughter. He reportedly called her into the room to watch and she did.

Sarah Adleta said her little girl was very “frightened,” but she did not step in to stop the abuse. Because of this, Jonathan Adleta told his ex-wife to find another man to have sex with their daughter so she would become used to the acts. She complied and told jurors she even performed sex acts on her children while her new boyfriend, Aaron Dixon, watched on Skype.

That’s when the FBI was alerted and Sarah Adleta was arrested for sending the graphic images to Dixon.

Gable said in her closing argument Thursday that the last time Sarah spoke with Jonathan, they once again discussed abusing their daughter.

(H/T: Orlando Sentinel)


  1. Rehanna Pacheco says

    I cannot believe these people are allowed to have rights and a trail. Death to both of them!!! In fact, all sexual predators, should be put out of their misery. Especially when it comes to children!

  2. says

    Jest da ovi izgledaju kao degenerici, ali što je s tim ljudima? Meni to nije jasno, odkle ovoliko i sve više poremećaja ovakvog tipa? NLP, EMP upravljanje uma? Ne mogu vjerovati da bi netko došao na ovakvu ideju uopće?

  3. King Taurus says

    This man will experience reverse evolution, until the point of having consciousness as bacteria. his frustration will be so overwhelming, but he won't be able to talk or express, he won't be able to take his own life…this will happen over the next thousand plus years.. he will experience hell….. and that is what he deserves.

  4. says

    This can NOT be a true story, and if it is infact true these children have to be what? Toddlers? What is wrong with this sick and twisted world? God help us all! And most importantly God help those babies. You would think with the invasion of privacy that the goverment imposses on us they would of caught this sooner…I mean these people were skyping this filth…OH wait the goverment does not really care about sickco's abusing children they would rather try and catch kids planning parties or catching low level drug dealers….Take these sickos cut off and out their sexual organs and put them on an island together…DEATH IS TO GOOD FOR THESE ANIMALS…….

  5. says

    Fernando De Luna Tarín death may be the only way. After all in prison they get tv, they get free meals, roof over head, health and so on…please tell how's that better? And it's from our money that as well

  6. Stephan Ruckaberle says


  7. Gloria Brooks says

    What the HELL is wrong with these people, This so disgusting, My God how could they do this despictable thing s to these children, I pray that the children can overcome what has happened to them. As for the child molesters they will reap what they sow. Believe that!

  8. Melz Inampo says

    Fernando De Luna Tarín I want to see them cut their sex organs, cook the organs and feed to them. But prior to the cutting of the sex organs, they must have sex with the various people who have aids, again and again. After all these put to action, keep them alive, let them live without sex organ, live in a misery.

  9. says

    it happens more often than you think. there is a dark undecurrent of people who have sex with their kids and have kids to have sex with and they think its okay. They are usually good at not getting caught. I know it sucks but you can find shit all over the internet by them. its truly fucked up. I know im sorry to say it. I was a single mother for a while and I had a man try to ask me if he could fuck my kids and if id have kids by him for him to fuck. Its pretty awful.

  10. says

    Fernando De Luna Tarín Nope. Practicing evil is why humans are so very good at it. Your wish to have them suffer is from the same sadistic base as these abusive folks and their terrible ways. The best solution is to merely evict the monster inside. Quick and painless. Next monster. Their suffering or lack of suffering has value only to the worst parts of who you are.

  11. says

    where the hell is humanity going….Patents are suppose to protect and take care of their children not make their life hell…..such sad sad things happening …..MAy God Help us all on the right path ….

  12. Asha Simone Lewis says

    this is one of the most disturbing things ive ever read in my life….wtf goes on in these sick fuks heads? a child is a precious gift from God. Monsters like that dont deserve children…..inhumane creatures them be…they aint human beings at all…

  13. Chris Gillett says

    You know what's just as evil as what these two people have done? Saying they should be put to death. Two wrongs don't make a right. Only god gets to judge these arseholes. No-one else.

  14. Brooke Norman says

    You're very right. Death is the easy way out! People like that deserve to go to a prison in Africa and spend every day for the rest of their lives being abused and as afraid ad their children were!!

  15. Kelli Price-Thompson says

    they are already dead, essentially. Offenders like this don't do so well in PRISON. my guess? they won't even make it that far.

  16. says

    Nana Cherry : The best for these kind of people is the Islamic way of punishment. They should be stoned to death and also mandatory that a group of people must witness this. No double standard s! Simple !!

  17. Pati Johnson says

    What a bunch of sick fu<ks!! Those poor children, the harm & mental anguish those parents have brought them for likely the rest of their life's…Just breaks my heart. Hopefully they get their comings in prison!

  18. says

    Yeah cause God really jumped in to stop all of it from happening. You know what's more disgusting than what they did? The fact that people like you think they deserve another chance.

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