Python Eats Passed Out Drunk Guy In India

Python Eats Passed Out Drunk Guy In India

When you drink hard, you might find yourself waking up in very strange places. However in some countries it’s quite risky to drink till you drop.

A drunk man in India was taking a well-deserved nap outside a liquor store today, when he was discovered by a huge python. Unfortunately it was just around lunch time for the large snake, that smothered and ate him. The incident happened in the Attapadi area in the state Kerala.

So if you ever have plans to go there on holiday, you better wait to get drunk until you’re safe and sound in your hotelroom.

The simple lesson to be learned here: don’t get drunk on the streets in India.

The simple lesson to be learned here: don’t get drunk on the streets in India.

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Note to self: Do not get drunk and pass out outside in India. I have been incredibly drunk in my checkered past, and I have done some things I am not proud of, including passing out cold in some strange places for lengthy amounts of time. However, I am sure that I would wake up from my drunken slumber if a python was trying to eat me, and I think I would be able to escape his deadly coils.

That’s just because I am self confident. Pythons are constrictors, so it is likely that the snake came across the passed out man and could tell that he was still alive, since pythons can sense heat. The snake then constricted the man, and began to suffocate him while he was passed out, so if the man woke up and realized what was going on it was already too late. Rest in peace, drunk guy, at least your senses were dulled with alcohol when you met your untimely inebriated end.


  1. Arifa Abidi says

    as far as indians…. these stupid people will never cut the snake for rescuing that person because they worship snakes and all animals ….

  2. Arifa Abidi says

    Hector Zelada even the body of a person is more imp then a freaky snake … i know he must be dead b/c of the bite ….

  3. Arifa Abidi says

    Dennis Mason u call this ignorance to know about those who worship snakes, cows, monkeys, elephants …. and never harm them even that is attacking on any person ??? … or u don't know about anything about the people who live in other side of the world…. stupid americans ….!!!!

  4. Arifa Abidi says

    i would like to know … this person resting in peace in the belly of this snake … or buried or torched according to his culture …. ????

  5. says

    Cool story. Too bad it's not true. That's a reticulated python which is Native to SE Asia. The closest it comes to India is at the extreme western edge of its range in Bangladesh. Kerala is about almost a thousand miles from Bangladesh in extreme SW of India.

  6. Mandeep Singh says

    You fucking Mujaheddin. Suicide bomber. How you can say this?? You have very limited knowledge. 1.2 billion are free to do anything. They are free to from drink cow urine to eating dog. We are from nature lover to nature destructer. But you moron are only born to be suicide bomber and criticize other people's faith

  7. says

    Arifa Abidi , Indian culture is more than 5,000 years old, and every belief in that culture is deeply rooted in highly sophisticated science that predates most of today's cultures by milleniums. Which is why it is such a tolerant country, and has survived so many thousands of attacks by murderous, illiterate barbarians – physical, ideological, theological – villains who lacked the courage to build their own temples but would willingly vandalize others' worlds because that's all they know and are taught; whose only creed is to loot, plunder, destroy and indulge in unnatural liaisons. they're still around, but we Indians can afford to remain aloof, we have a great philosophy to support us. So Abidi, take a break, and count backwards from 100 to 0, if you know to count. or try some yoga. you'll feel better.

  8. says

    william, do you think it's going to make any difference to these rumor mongers, their publishers and patrons, and to people like arifa abidi? thanks all the same, your information is bound to impress some who're not completely close minded! :)

  9. says

    it shore did. after the feast, the inebriated python bought itself an m16, walked into a nearby primary school and shot dead 12 innocent people, before shooting itself. luckily for the man inside, the dumdum bullet tore up the innards, so he could walk free. he's now recoverin in a snake farm, believin since he was born from a snake's stomach, he's also a snake (indians are superstitious, remember?). he has renamed himself php, wears a red hat, and plans to live his entire android life inside a .net framework, watch the world only through windows and eat only java Beans, so sayeth the oracle. but quit alcohol, he never will. he's now switchin to bailey's … :)

  10. says

    Everything in India has logic. If we worship snakes, it's because they are natural pest controllers – they eat the rats and vermin that infest fields and farm houses, destroy crops and spread diseases. only 3% of these snakes are venomous, yet people on the subcontinent revere them for their beauty, majesty and their place in Mother Nature's scheme of things. things that they don't teach in some schools, but values which every Indian is born with. And goin by cold logic, a live python is better than a deadbeat drunk, but that will not be easy to understand for some people!

  11. says

    Arifa Abidi, yes are very uninformed. You have information mixed up. I have lived in many lands on this earth and have found nothing wrong with most people, after all, we are just human animals. I'm not American either, just happen to be passing this way. The snake was only doing what it is meant to do. If you eat chicken, should chickens kill you for that act?

  12. says

    It has to be true, I read it on the internet. Now why did you have to go and dummie it up with some facts and the truth and stuff? Now I don't know what to think. I better hurry up and look at a few pictures of cats and watch a couple of videos on youtube. World Star! Then I'm going to tell all my myspace friends the story about the drunk guy and the snake. You ever heard that one before? It was something like a passed out drunk guy in the Sonoran desert was eaten by a huge boa constrictor or something. Totally true story. It had pictures and everything.

  13. says

    Arifa Abidi, it only shows your abominable ignorance, typical of you people. pythons are not venomous – only 3% of the world's snakes, and some people who survive largely on american largesse but would unhesitatingly eliminate american assets or any other soft targets includin women and children in the name of their followin, are classified as poisonous.

  14. says

    Arifa Abidi, of course, the human body is important to you guys, that's why one of your brothers exhumed the body of a dead woman ( and had sex with her in the graveyard in the middle of the night. surely you have sainted him? and now every one of your progeny is taught to follow in his divine footsteps. wake up, man, the world's passin you by… work for your food, don't beg, eat feaces or use terror to feed your faces!

  15. Arifa Abidi says

    Yoganandhan Raja … for ur kindly information… i m not talibani or any kind of jihadist as u think about me … hell with these talibans and there funding govts and international agencies …. we r the biggest victim of terrorism of khawarijees and fake muslims …. since 1400 years …. asking about a person who is rescued or not … is painful for u … b/c i asked a simple question about a human being … even he was drunk …dose someone was there to get the body of a poor person out …. by cutting that anaconda ….???? b/c in ur religion u can't harm any animal which is holy for u….

  16. says

    Arifa Abidi if the story is true, the lucky snake had a good lunch with complimentary drinks. i hope he enjoyed the meal. what's religion gotta do with it? some of my best friends are true, patriotic indian muslims. tell you what, why don't you cut up all the animals that you know and find out what they had for lunch? in india, we have much better things to do, so good day!

  17. Arifa Abidi says

    Mayank Gandhi supporting taliban and funding them to violate the laws of state and killing innocent ppl …state that u never accepted and u will hate till the last breath of ur life… and u r talking about us.. that we hate u…. LOL … go and watch ur tv channel "POGO"….

  18. Diana Dee Langis says

    they arent native to north america either and yet we have them and shit happens when people own them as pet and then they get to big to keep so people release them into the wilds where they are not found naturally

  19. says

    Indians must know this, they do exactly the contrary

    Coran – Sura Al – Maida Aleya 90

    O YOU who have attained to faith! Intoxicants, and games of chance, and idolatrous practices, and the divining of the future are but a loathsome evil of Satan's doing:' shun it, then, so that you might attain to a happy state!

  20. says

    Indians must know this, they do exactly the contrary

    Coran – Sura Al – Maida Aleya 90

    O YOU who have attained to faith! Intoxicants, and games of chance, and idolatrous practices, and the divining of the future are but a loathsome evil of Satan's doing:' shun it, then, so that you might attain to a happy state!

  21. says

    Yoganandhan Raja Arabs are the dictators, not the muslims, who commits unjust acts will be punished in the next life, i hate extremism, and only 15% of the 1.600.000.000 of muslims of the world are arabs.. :)

  22. Asya Masya says

    Dear administration of site, dont U afraid to touch the feelings of family of this passed out man? so ~funny~ way U wrought the topic (((

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