Paul Walker: Murdered For Digging Too Deep?

Paul Walker: Murdered For Digging Too Deep?

Paul Walker: Murdered For Digging Too Deep?

Conspiracy forums have posed an interesting theory on Paul Walker’s untimely death from a car crash on Saturday, where they tie it in, and call it murder to prevent Walker, who was part of the Phillipine relief effort, from exposing “a conspiracy to supply victims of  Typhon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid.” Another theory is that Walker discovered dirty money in the Philippines disaster relief and that it “would make sense because he owned a company that specialized in rapid disaster relief.” 

Via the first thread over at GLP:

Paul Walker and his friend were killed shortly after they discovered a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid. They had a damning recording and they were on their way to rendezvous with an ally who would have helped them get in touch with the right people. Turns out they were betrayed and someone rigged their car’s breaks to malfunction after a certain speed.

Now that the loose end has been tied up, and the recording destroyed, the people responsible have nothing to fear as this will become another “conspiracy theory” no one will take seriously.

Via the second thread:

“Now here is another thread with a conspiracy on a possible motive here. Apparently, Paul Walker had discovered dirty money in the Philippines disaster relief and that would make sense because he owned a company that specialized in rapid disaster relief. “

Did Walker dig to deep into corruption or was it an Illuminati Death?

Then we have the massive damage to the car, the two videos below show the same car Paul Walker was killed in that had also been involved in an ultra high speed crash with fatalities and then the video of the aerial view of Walker’s car after the fatal crash.

The exemplar:

Walker’s crash video below:

If either of those theories over at GLP is correct, then the words Walker spoke in his 2000 hit The Skulls, when he said “If you keep digging you will dig your own grave,” were highly prophetic. (Shown below)

Example of a the same car after a high speed crash:


The car Walker was in after the crash:


Paul Walker’s last video message for the Typhoon Relief 2013








  1. says

    Why not show us the skid marks? an accident isn't worth assessing without looking at the point of contact. e.t.c There is no way to tell if it was a drone or stupid driving with out ALL photographic evidence!

  2. says

    I'm not sure about this one folks, no matter how small the explosion from a drone attack at least there would have been a shockwave and the trees would have been well shaken. I live in the middle east and believe me I've seen these drones in action.

  3. Őuertani Şayf says

    yeah u're probably right 'bout the drone but i'm sure it's some kinda of a bomb. a regular crash wont do that to a car.Look a the pattern of the explosion, it started in the middle, and also it takes at least 4 hours for a car to be burned that way and the rubber will melt of the tires of course not like in this situation…

  4. Rae Cake says

    i said the same thing about Skid marks? and a tree that small causing such a dramatic wreck such as this? i call bullshit. its either he was killed for knowing to much of something.. or he faked his own death.

  5. says

    So these drones have almost a zero accuracy rate of hitting targets in the middle east, yet they managed to hit a car moving at high speed in the middle of suburbia in America? Seems legit lol

  6. Brian Kirby says

    This looks a lot like the reporter Obama's people murdered Michael Hastings. They murdered him by taking over his car's computer and causing it to crash at a very high speed. I wouldn't be the least but surprised if he was killed for the same reasons they murdered Michael Hastings, he was about to expose massive corruption

  7. says

    This might be true. But the matter is, they are everywhere. One day, there'll be many of them and that's the moment we cannot trust anyone including our very best friends.

  8. says

    If you look the aerial video, on 37" you will see the cement column that is destroyed before the car hit that small tree…Cause if it was only for the tree,i don't thing it would cause that damage.

  9. Arron Oakley says

    I'm sorry but just because another Porsche crashed and didn't have the same result doesn't mean there is a conspiracy here, I have seen bigger cars smashed into smaller pieces from high speed impacts it depends on a lot more things than just the make and model of car… as for the video of the impact idk what you think you are seeing there but there is nothing to it stop making conspiracies about every little thing because sometimes bad things just happen and it's sad.

  10. says

    Certainly, he was killed as was his friend Roger Rodas for revealing too much about the creation of CIA "Black Money Movies" . "Fast and Furious" revealed a lot of information about Drug Trade of the world from the chop shop high-end car business, and showing so much pictures of corruptions inside Allied Forces, especially from poppy industry. But if he and his friend were involved in Satanic Ritual as many celebrities who earning up USD 20 million they were actuall killed on the 25 days of the month, the car-crashed is only camouflage.

  11. Jasleen Sangha says

    It's sad that people have to do this shit. Isn't is disrespectful to drag the names of two men who passed in a horrific way and left behind mourning families, through all this bullshit?

  12. Cathryn Raymond says

    Why don't we just honor the man and try not to mix a ugly thought into his death. People lost a great actor and a man who cared for people. Lets keep his memories with a clean mind and get closure.

  13. Sean Doc says

    Rae Clark are you an expert in accident investigation? Obviously not as any google search on the accident indicates they hit a metal pole. Try again.

  14. Rae Cake says

    Sean Doc great you are a pro because you googled it. Is that where i can get my degree also? it was an observation is all no need to get all mad!!!!!!

  15. Zygimantas Goga says

    Do car's licence numbers match in a photo of crashed car and a car he was photographed just an hour ago leaving some kind of.meeting?

  16. says

    The car exploded before hitting the tree ,is very weird … Look at that tree, is still standing ,why ? The tree is the proof that the car exploded before impact …

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