8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Many of us choose what we eat very carefully, or at least dedicate our minimum attention to it. But when it comes to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, we do little to make the best decisions for our health. Which is a HUGE mistake. All the work for your body can be ruined in a weekend out. While foods and non alcoholic beverages are required to list their ingredients and are monitored by the FDA, beer does not belong in either. Alcohol industry had lobbied for years to avoid labeling its ingredients. Some to protect its recipes, but most – to hide harmful ingredients.

Here’s some harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beer:

  • GMO Corn Syrup
  • GMO Corn
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Fish Bladder
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Natural Flavors
  • GMO Sugars
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Insect-Based Dyes
  • Carrageenan
  • BPA
  • & lots more!

Here are the 8 beers that are commonly found in bars in United States that you should stop drinkingimmediately.

1. Newcastle Brown Ale

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

The Newcastle beer has been found to contain caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen. “The one and only” beer with cancer causing qualities.

2. Budweiser

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

One of the most popular beers, or most advertised is Budweiser. Budweiser contains genetically modified(GMO) corn. In 2007, Greenpeace discovered experimental GMO rice in Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) beer.

3. Corona Extra

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

I used to love Corona’s commercials. They were so peaceful and relaxing. That is until I found out that the beer contains GMO Corn Syrup and Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is controversial, and is said to may be potentially harmful to your health.

4. Miller Lite

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

This is another very popular beer in America that contains GMOs. Miller Lite contains GMO corn and corn syrup. It’s “GMO time”.

5. Michelob Ultra

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Less popular but still readily available Michelob beer, should be eliminated from your choices. This beer has been found to contain a genetically modified sweetener (GMO dextrose).

6. Guinness

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Guinness is often praised for it’s smoothness.  However, several investigations proved that Guinness ingredients are quite disturbing. The beer  contains fish bladder and high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup has been long banned from many stores and drinks.

7. Coors Light

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Coors light is a drink that is very popular at bars and among college students.  Mostly because its cheap. The beer contains GMO corn syrup.

8. Pabst Blue Ribbon

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Pabst Blue Ribbon contains GMO corn and GMO corn syrup.

Healthy Beer Alternatives

So when it comes to beer you have to be very careful. Your best option is to find a microbrewery that you can trust. As with everything, try to avoid cheap, low-quality products. Bars may offer Coors Light, Miller Lite or Budweiser specials, but they are cheap for a reason. The rest of the world is banning GMOs everywhere, while USA is lagging years behind, and only several states offer GMO labeling laws. Try to stay away from any American beers. Choose organic beer. Beers that contain 100% organic labels, have to have ingredients that are all 100% organic. While an “organic” label just means 95% of it will be organic.  European beer is most likely to be safe from GMO ingredients but unfortunately, most other beer contains GMO artificial ingredients, stabilizers, grains and preservatives, plus, HFCS.

GMO Free Beers:

Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

  • Wolaver’s – all beers
  • Lamar Street – Whole Foods label (brewed by Goose Island)
  • Bison – all beers
  • Dogfish Head (organic when ingredients available)
  • Fish Brewery Company – Fish Tale Ales
  • Lakefront Brewery – Organic ESB
  • Brooklyn – (organic when ingredients are available)
  • Pinkus – all beers
  • Samuel Smiths – Samuel Smiths Organic Ale
  • Wychwood – Scarecrow Ale

Non-Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

  • Sierra Nevada – all choices
  • Duck Rabbit – Brown Ale, Porter, Amber Ale, Milk Stout
  • Dogfish Head- 60 Minute IPA, Shelter Pale Ale, Chicory Stout
  • Shipyard – Summer Brew
  • Victory Brewery – Whirlwind
  • North Coast – Blue Star
  • Bridgeport – IPA (Bottle conditioned)
  • Ayinger – all choices
  • Royal Oak – Pale Ale
  • Fraziskaner – Hefeweisse and Dunkel Weisse
  • Weihenstephaner – Hefe Weissbier
  • Maisel’s – Weisse
  • Hoegaarden – Belgian Wit


  • Heineken
  • Steamwhistle
  • Amstel Light
  • Duchy Original Ale Organic
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Fuller’s Organic
  • Nelson Organic Ale
  • Natureland Organic

Share This with Fellow Beer Drinkers

It’s important to expose companies that use harmful ingredients in our products. This information is hidden from the public with millions of dollars of false advertising, laws, etc. You can always vote with your money. As this information about GMO beers spreads, we will see a decrease in production of these beers and the companies may eliminate the harmful ingredients altogether. Most importantly, when you hang out with your friends, you will be able to share beer that’s more delicious and healthier.

If you have any additional information about GMO or non-gmo beers, or want to correct some of the information, simply e-mail us or leave a comment with evidence bellow.







  1. Brianna Coulter says

    You say comment with evidence below yet you've posted a whole blog on drinks to avoid based on them containing byproducts from GMOs without providing any evidence of the “negative” effects of GMOs…

  2. Jean Knowles says

    Isinglass (made from fish bladders) is used in the clarification of many British beers. It's not an artificial ingredient nor is it harmful. Cope.

  3. Mike Garson says

    Genetic modification of our food is horrible. It is stripping the nutrients from our food and adding carcinogens.

  4. Mike Garson says

    You missed every other Macro Beer made as they are all GMO laced. One thing though is that Bud uses mostly Rice as a base not corn.

  5. Mark Kauffman says

    Fish bladders, that's a bit misleading. Isinglass is made from fish swim bladders which are basicly collagen. Explain to me how collagen is harmful. Oh and your sources are some of the most biased pseudoscientific tripe out there.

  6. Danae Szabo says

    Es ridiculo, la mayoria son banned porq estan hechas con transgenicos…. Decime q es sarcasmo de tu parte plizzzzz!!!!

  7. says

    Yay another un-researched, un-cited, BULLSHIT health scare article to infect facebook with.

    Fish bladders is a scary way of describing what is actually used which is Isinglass… which is used to filter the beer and very little remains in the beer itself. And you do realize we use animal based products in THOUSANDS of things and they are safe… i mean hell ,we eat animals and don't say "OH GOD THERE IS ANIMAL IN THIS ANIMAL?"

    High fructose corn syrup is used to feed the yeast to produce alcohol. MOST of it is fermented out.

    Assuming you know which caramel coloring Newcastle uses is just that, an ASSumption, asshole. A lot of breweries "color correct" their beers… generally with a concentrated malt extract… which is natural and safe. Do your research, and find REAL sources before trying to scare people.

  8. Jim Cooper says

    So, I would guess the central issue seems to be genetically modified plants. Well, you can scratch sugars off the list of worries, because sugar is exactly the same pure compound whether the plant was sugar cane or sugar beets and whether the beets were Roundup resistant or not, There are no genes are proteins in sugar: it is a simple small molecule and completely save if not overconsumed (then you gain weight).

    And the suggestion that MSG is dangerous has been debunked many times. MSG occurs naturally in cheeses, tomatoes, broccoli and peas. And the Japanese who consume the most MSG are one of the healthiest populations in the world. See http://1.usa.gov/iAhBgV

    There really is no evidence that BPA is harmful either in the trace quantities found in canning. See http://exm.nr/1k8Aqpq

    And HFCS is just a mixture of glucose and fructose much the same as youn find ins sugar. There is no evidence it is any different than sugar in its affects.

    Finally, a massive review of papers about GM crops has found no evidence that they cause any harm. http://bit.ly/18hMKbW

  9. says

    Well the problem is you don't know what you are talking about. Corn syrup is used to feed the yeast to produce alcohol, most of which is fermented out.
    Rice is currently the second most widely used adjunct material in the U.S. in the production of light-colored lager beers (30). Rice has almost no taste of its own, which is regarded as a positive characteristic since the rice will not interfere with the basic malt character of the beer. It promotes dry, crisp, and snappy flavors and is employed in several premium brands, including Budweiser.

  10. Natalie Rachel says

    "The Newcastle beer has been found to contain caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen. “The one and only” beer with cancer causing qualities."
    Yeah I stopped reading at this point

  11. Colin Koop says

    I disagree – I know exactly what I'm talking about. Yes, corn and rice feed the yeast and produce alcohol and yes rice in particular imparts almost no taste in beer. Nobody will argue that, because if they did they would be wrong.

    My point is that it produces a cheaply made and flavorless product. It's like buying food filled with corn starch and flour, chock full of filler to drive manufacturing costs down and profit margins up. Germans have been brewing tasty(er) crisp lagers for centuries without the use of adjuncts and in fact, as per the Reinheistgebot it would be illegal to include ingredients like corn and rice and still market it as beer. There are better ways to produce real beer that's still crisp and dry, but "premium" brands like Budweiser will always opt for the option that maximizes their profit margin.

  12. Duane Tully says

    Pseudo scientific woo! There is no evidence GMO crops are harmful. But if you want to make yourself feel better by buying "organic" beers at premium prices knock yourself out! I keep drinking my Guiness.

  13. says

    Colin Koop actually almost all breweries, craft included, use rice for various purposes, generally as a way to control a flavor profile. The rice and corn is not what makes the beer bad, its the way the big names use the ingredients that make the beer bad.

  14. Colin Koop says

    Bryan Baltz I haven't ever seen rice being used at a craft brewery and I've visited quite a number. Breweries like Deschutes freely post up their recipes for homebrewers online and I think you would struggle to find any that include rice. Sure, rice does have a place in brewing, but in very limited capacity as a specialty ingredient… not as a means to bump alcohol content without affecting flavor. All the professional craft brewers I know would frown upon that.

  15. says

    Colin Koop I work in the craft beer industry, and know numerous brewers at breweries other than the one I work at. LOTS of them use rice, it is VERY common. Generally not talked about as an ingredient because it is not used for flavoring but as a color control, abv contro, etcl. It is not frowned upon by brewers at all. Using it as a way to make flavorless crap? Yes that is frowned upon. Using it as a tool in the process? Not frowned upon at all.

  16. says

    Oh just what I love! Retarded psuedoscientific hippie shit!

    This is the kind of stuff that makes actual valuable science look bad to the hard right wingers. Keep feeding the Rush Limbaughs of the world and their lemmings ammo idiots!

  17. Colin Koop says

    Bryan Baltz Well, maybe that's a difference between the US craft beer industry and the one in Canada, where it is most definitely frowned upon. I know it's not common practice up here, nor is it in many other parts of the world. In Germany it's downright illegal. lol

  18. Ross Allen Geiger says

    Do not worry about corn syrup in your beer, because it may go in but it doesn't come out. Thankfully, the yeast eat sugar and poop alcohol. This article is clearly written and promoted by those that are ignorant of what happens in fermentation.

  19. says

    Colin Koop I bet you can find rice in almost any brewery. Hopefully not as a main ingredient though. And the Reinheitsgebot purity law is just stupid imo. It was NOT about quality of beer but to control the distribution of materials. And actually many breweries under the german purity law are currently brewing outside its parameters.

  20. Roye Chartiez says

    Pseudo-scientific bullshit that serves no purpose other than to dumb down further an already dumb and gullible populace.

  21. John Ponte says

    Dear Author, you are an idiot and know nothing about beer. Propylene Glycol is NOT an ingredient in beer. It is used as a coolant for breweries. If glycol is found in beer the batch should be scrapped by the brewery. Occurances of glycol in beer are extremely rare. Fish Bladder aka Isinglass, was used as a beer clarifier. Carrageenan, aka seaweed is also used as a beer clarifier. The amount of either of those two items are negligible at best. Perhaps you should do a little more research before you try scaring people.

  22. Erick Sodhi says

    You used too many syllables to start that sentence to be understood by the dumb populace. What a crap load of BS in that article.

  23. Mark Tichenor says

    Bryan Baltz The Reinheitsgebot is admirable but was lifted after a ruling by the European Court of Justice. It's still good marketing for German brewers to adhere to it, but unfortunately many of their big players have little reverence for tradition

  24. Sean Westberg says

    Actually when American style light lager like bud Miller and coors wasinvented, it carried a premium price because it was hard to make and corn and rice were way more expensive than barley. True story. It wasn't until corn subsidies that bud became cheap to produce.

  25. Rob Bateman says

    Mike Garson You should do some research on GMO's… that is nothing of what GMO's do. most GMO's are for resisting drought or producing more food with MORE nutrients. There are MANY more studies that show GMO's are perfectly healthy for consumption.

  26. Chaz Gibletts says

    Colin Koop Blah blah little breweries in Germany do things differently…no kidding. Show me some little brewery in Germany that has to produce enough beer such as Budweiser or Coors, to be able to be in basically every bar in the U.S., and in every beer store in the U.S….not to mention all the places outside the U.S. it may be sold. Obviously a beer that sells millions of units a day isn't going to take the same road of some basically microbrewery in terms of crafting. Comparing fancy German beer to industrialized American beer is ridiculous…"hey my dad grills better tasting hamburgers than Mcdonalds"…well no shit, it's not comparable.

  27. says

    I see that you have carrageenan on the list. I also see that you suggest "organic beer." I hope that you know that carrageenan is used in MANY organic products, including baby formula.

  28. Ruben Martyr Ponce says

    Sjoerd Prins have you ever heard of the theory of evolution? particularly artificial selection? btw we can test for poisons. It's 2014.

  29. Ruben Martyr Ponce says

    These beers are just as harmful as any other beer. Its alcohol you should be concerned with, GMOs are safe. Don't believe in these GMO alarmist, they're shady as fuck and they never provide evidence.

  30. Carbonara Cramer says

    I don't believe it. If I have a cigarette once in a while, I won't get lung cancer. So what is the threshold with these? They don't say…

  31. says

    In other news, here is a list of eight vaccinations you should immediately decline. And here is a list of eight FDA-approved antibiotics you should immediately stop using. And don't forget to protect the Purity of Essence of your Prescious Bodily Fluids from the Commie menace of Fluoridation, Mandrake!

  32. Ruben Martyr Ponce says

    Carbonara Cramer There is no "threshold" for Propylene Glycol, GMOs, fish bladder, high fructose corn syrup, this article is just a load of crap. Unless we are talking about alcohol induced dangers, then obviously there's a lot of those.

  33. says

    Uh, if it uses "organic" corn, then it's using GMO corn. We've been genetically modifying plants since the invention of agriculture through cross-fertilization. The only difference is that now we have the ability to do it in a lab in a much more targeted fashion than by ancient methods. All food science is not bad food science. That being said, it's disappointing that they put High-Fructose Corn Syrup in my Guinness. Because I love that stuff. Bah.

  34. says

    Most of these are straight-up ridiculous. GMO dextrose? Dextrose is sugar. A chemical. It's the same chemical whether it's derived from sugar cane, genetically modified corn, or synthesized chemically. This takes GMO paranoia to an absurd level.
    Now propylene glycol in beer? That's a more reasonable concern.

  35. says

    Mr. Z, what you've just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…

  36. says

    Everything we eat has been "genetically modified" over the past 15,000 or so years that the human race has been farming instead of hunter/gathering. Everything from cows, pigs and chickens to dogs and all froms of cultivated veggies look nothing like and are nothing like whatever base critter or plant they originate from. I'm quite sure that it won't be the Bud Lights I drink that kill me in the end.

  37. Brianna Coulter says

    Mike Garson and Sjoerd Prins

    (I've just copied and pasted this from another thread I commented on about a month ago as it gets a bit tiresome sometimes)

    To generalise genetically modified crops as bad is incredibly ignorant. Just because you and so many others fail to understand or even care to attempt to understand the molecular basis that underpins genetic modification, it doesn't make it bad.

    Simply put, the genes inserted into the organism transcribe and translate a protein. The proteins produced are different depending on what the intending outcome is. You can enable a plant to produce twice the amount of vitamin it regularly would be repeating a gene in sequence with one that is already present. You can enable a plant to survive harsher conditions such as drought, heat, cold and high salinity by inserting genes that produce proteins known to be involved or upregulated in response to these stresses and enabling a greater crop yield than what would usually be possible in those conditions. Additionally, you can insert genes that make the plants resistant to certain herbicides/pesticides, enabling the plants to survive when sprayed with them.
    This is a very limited overview of the benefits of genetic modification and really only covers plants used for human consumption and resources.

    Of course genetic modification CAN be bad, but as a whole, it isn't. If you insert a gene/genes that produces a protein known to be toxic/poisonous to humans when consumed, sure this is an issue, but it isn't the case with any current plant species. There are also horrible people in the world that care more about profits than the well-being of animals that would be more than happy for animals to suffer if it meant benefiting their pocket. These people may consider utilising genetic modification to make animals fatter so their legs may not be able to support them, or increase their milk production to levels they can't withstand causing them to suffer from more infections. You can lend that blame to the agriculture industry rather than the scientific one. In order to conduct any form of scientific research an ethics committee must be consulted and the research must be conducted in an ethical manner so events like that cannot occur.

    This is a great website that provides free courses run by universities all over the world where you can gain a basic understanding of molecular genetics:

    This is also a review paper that debates some pros and cons of genetic modification:

    Once you have done so and have grasped an understanding look up some research articles and review papers written and peer-reviews by scientists on this site

  38. says

    Ruben Martyr Ponce yes, i go biology. but i am seriously skeptical to gmo food. i mean it could go wrong and create a genome for a poison, there would be many deaths.

  39. Greg Mikolas says

    Genetically Modified terminology is more commonly referring to the in the lab where they mutate genes by removing certain chromosomes and shit Frank. It makes for rapid change without taking in full consideration of what Mother Nature has in store. I've always said, you DON'T fuck with Mother Nature!

  40. Donny Tilbury says

    Fantastic information! Thank you.
    Pity about the Guiness… Feck! I liked that one.
    Is it possible to get the same study done in Australia? I'm particularly fond of Coopers Stout and Coopers Sparkling Ale.

  41. Ruben Martyr Ponce says

    Sjoerd Prins I don't recall any GMO foods having poisons in them or being distributed with such things that put your life in danger strictly because of the GMOs.Source? Also, there's a whole essay above your comment that debunks that and much more.

  42. Ben Sones says

    Wow, what a rabbit hole of crazy. And I'm relatively certain that Guinness (the only beer on that list that I drink regularly, though I do sometimes have a Corona during the summer) does not contain corn syrup. It's a low-ABV beer that is also quite low in calories. So where did that extra sugar go?

  43. says

    And you're not supposed to microwave anything in Tupperware anymore, immunizations, though fending off illnesses that have killed millions, may cause autism, sweet n low will keep your sugar good but may cause cancer….blah, blah, blah. You put anything under a microscope now and you'll find negatives….rather go out sippin suds than being a dud!

  44. says

    Load o' crap. The rest of the world isn't banning GMO's. It's only Europe that does. The United States is one of a majority of countries who doesn't buy into the unscientifically founded hype. All of the vegetables we eat have been genetically modified over hundreds and thousands of years. Carrots, corn, etc did not exist in the wild as edible foods. They were domesticated by humans through the process of genetic modification. The only by product of eating those vegetables is a healthy long life.

  45. Kevin Folta says

    And you can never tell me the difference between sucrose from a GMO sugar beet, sucrose from a conventional sugar beet, sucrose from an organic sugar beet, or sucrose from cane sugar. Sucrose is sucrose.

    Nice job putting lame-o science and fear mongering ahead of common sense.

    I'd drink a Bud with GM corn syrup (where no health effects have been seen in 17 years of use) instead of a Coors, where your money goes to fund evil politicians.

  46. Jose Elias Recalde says

    People need to hop off gmo scares. Your Probably the same people that refuse vaccinations thus bringing back measles, polio, and other diseases that were once eradicated. Putting the kids that for legit medical reasons cant get vaccinated lives in danger. I swear this is all first world bullsh!#*
    If you were starving to death would You care where your corn came from.

  47. John Lee says

    GMO crops are completely harmless. We've been eating them for ten thousand years. Stop fear mongering.

  48. says

    The anti-GMO anti-HFCS stuff was bad enough, but they get mad at Budweiser for selling GMO rice beer but they recommend Goose Island beer. Hello, McFly? That's made by the same company.

    Just shows anti-GMO nuts are terrible at researching their own bullshit.

  49. Graeme Betts says

    Carbonara Cramer …actually if you smoke a cigarette once it can be enough to set off a mutation of cancer cells; the likelihood of getting lung cancer increases with each inhalation…. now, I'm not agreeing with this article at all – in fact, the whole thing is a pile of bullshit – just suggesting you use a better example of cumulative effects.

  50. says

    There is an interesting article in regards to the scientists who helped develop and modify GMO crops, almost every scientist involved where either atheist or had no belief in God, but when asked if they would allow there own children to eat GMO based foods 80% of the scientists and researchers said no way.. That's food for thought folks :-)

  51. Seán Gallagher says

    not a very good article if you ask me, the guinness bit is horribly researched and misleading

  52. Joe Ballenger says

    I'd drink a Bud before a Coors. Forget the evil politicians…I don't want my money going to evil tasting beer!

  53. Michael Foran says

    Colin Koop, I disagree, sort of. I don't particularly care for rice adjuncts, but I have personally brewed several American pilsners with corn adjuncts and they are delicious. It imparts a unique flavor that, in the right quantity, is perfectly appropriate in beer. I'm not so sure about the corn syrup thing, but that's more because it doesn't sound good rather than it's unhealthy in some way.

  54. Michael Foran says

    And note that there is NO MSG in any of the examples given here. And I totally agree on all your points. This is a bullshit article.

  55. says

    I hate bud to begin with. The rice gives a serious hang over. The article stated that high fructose corn syrup isn't being used as much? I call foul. Look at your sweetened soft drinks. Unless they're made outside the US they're made with that crap!!!

  56. Nigel Campbell says

    Fuck you. Fuck this post. You might as well not enjoy anything in your life. GM products are the only thing we can count on until you stop spitting out your fat unwanted children

  57. Kevin Folta says

    Sjoerd Prins Then you better not eat anything. Genomes are constantly being remodeled by the movement of transposable elements, rearrangements and other factors. Adding a single gene of known function is a drop in the ocean compared to what happens in traditional breeding.

  58. says

    I like what you said Jim, except for the last bit. GM crops cannot be deemed as safe simply because it is still a highly experimental science.
    Even if you completely trust that GM crops are safe, you must at least find Monsanto (the biggest advocate for GMO's) are not the most honest and trust worthy company in the world. They are responsible for DDT (which is still killing animals today 30 years later), Agent Orange, and the list goes on.
    Monsanto also makes poisons it claimed was safe to honey bees, this was later proved to be a lie. They claim that gm crops don't require pesticides, yet they spend 400 billion a year spraying their crops 'just in case'.
    When their GM crops contaminate a neighboring non gmo farm, they file a claim against that farmer, and win compensation. Please also note that the judge took just 2 weeks to decide in favor of Monsanto.
    The US governments has several key members who were once employees there. So any papers you read saying that GM crops are safe should be highly scrutinized. Who commissioned these studies?
    Think about this, if you could patent an apple, so that every time someone bought a 'Jim Cooper' apple you would get paid. Convenient then that you also happen to sell poison that would kill bees ensuring that there would be no other apples on the planet.
    You sir would be the richest man on the planet. So don't doubt for a second that they would pay a scientist alot of money to say that 'Jim Coopers Apples (now with human DNA!) are totally safe.

  59. Victor Ferenzi says

    So your sources are…another blog which cites the same sources. The CDC website public health statement on propylene glycol (which you haven't actually established is in any of these) and by your own citation (1.3) is approved for use in food. Oh and a 7 year old greenpeace blog that also fails to cite anything. This is the problem with blogs…say anything you want, don't cite a legitimate source, have another blog post it, cite each other!

  60. says

    Badly informed and misleading. I dislike some of these huge megabrand mass-market beers as much as anyone, but if you're going to slag them off, get your facts straight.

    Guinness contains fish bladder? Yeah, along with 90% of other beers on the planet. And it doesn't 'contain' them. They were used in its manufacture. That's different. And it's a traditional, widespread brewing process.

    As for GMO, you make no case as to why this is bad.

    And finally, telling people what they 'should' and 'shouldn't' drink is always patronising and condescending, however well-intentioned.

  61. Alexandre Larose says

    Good beer = good ingredients = simple ingrédients = water, barley, hops, wheat…… Natural ingrédient no fucking additive like colorant or sugar corn shit……

  62. Erich Pierce says

    Guinness is the only one without GMOs in their ingredients. If the idea of fish bladders and corn syrup frighten you then, drink something else. It will leave more yummy Guinness for the rest of us!

  63. says

    this is BULLSHIT!! I love guiness and corona and fucking Newcastle! isn't there bad shit in fucking everything we eat anyway?? how bout inhaling the fucking cigarettes or all the fucking pollution .. . . .

  64. says

    Ughh, sources are from greenpeace and organics. You people are nearly as bad as religious people, pushing your unproven claims on everyone. Keep your hippy beers and opinions to yourself!

  65. says

    "High fructose corn syrup has been long banned from many stores and drinks."

    This statement is so patently untrue that it seriously damages any credibility the article might otherwise have and makes the author seem laughably paranoid and suppositional. Jon Stewart put it, "We read the chain emails your grandma gets in her inbox out loud like they were true."

    I suppose you're also going to tell us that the beers all contain questionably high concentrations of dihydrogen monoxide?

  66. says

    none of the gm shit does what its supposed toand if you really knew farmers they would tell you that. gmos are fucking up the way everything grows and making people sick. you dont get bigger yeilds and grow times the same only diffrence is one will kill you and the other wont

  67. says

    Mike Garson Not every time. GMO is just a general term for all of it. If you force natural selection to breed cows with larger muscles to just have higher chances and so force for cows with more muscle mass, is that GMO bad? Answer is no (as long as they feed them organic feed that they naturally eat). Stop being GMO sheep and understand the differences. PS: Those pictures of "non-GMO" corn is Maize which is not the same as corn tho they have a similar ancestor. Get your head into some books or go research for yourself. These sights are not research studies nor are they facts on the organism. Go look it up for yourself

  68. says

    Fabiano Santos Get back to us after you get cancer. The claims on this page is not 100% correct, but they're on the right path. Don't be a dipshit. Look up the facts for yourself.

    PS: These sights are not pages with facts. Don't make that stupid mistake

  69. Dennis Johnston says

    In regards to Europe banning GMOs,it isn't really because they feel it dangerous ,but rather,it is often based upon various factors including that at the forefront of the GMO campaign is Monsanto, whose business model I do not trust at all as its based upon crony capitalism,and also because the USA is at the helms-im sorry,but why the fuck should we take any diet advice from a country whose population is basically the epitome of bad health???

  70. says

    Terrible article. Corn Syrup is used frequently in Beer–it ferments directly into alcohol and is used to keep the body of the beer light but boost the alcohol level. What do you think is in Pliny the Elder?

  71. says

    Sjoerd Prins: You may, plants may. You may get hit by an asteroid or plants may decide to have sudden structural failure and fall on your head.
    You may. You may. Be very afraid.

  72. Samb Davis says

    I find most people who sit around worrying about this kind of stuff are partially composed of bullshit, which is not a good compound to absorb into the mind; and that they may just be made of chicken shit, a product which is known to cause cowardice. They need to have a drink and lighten up

  73. says

    Did you know that there is water in your beer? Water causes thousands of deaths every year and even when ingested properly, is toxic in high doses. The bubbles in your beer are actually the farts of millions of tiny living organisms that eat sugar, drink water, and piss alcohol. Farts and piss are bad mkay. Don't drink any beers with farts and piss in it.

  74. says

    I HATE it when Food Nazis tell me what I SHOULD STOP eating and drinking. Its none of your business what I drink or eat. Except for Guinness, all of the beer on this list is shit anyway. this is just another in a long list of articles to scare people. enough!

  75. Matt Topolski says

    "is said to may be potentially harmful to your health" I would be more inclined to finish your article if you properly used the language you attempted to write it in and didn't use hearsay unsupported speculation about propylene glycol to suggest that I stop drinking corona. You monster.

  76. says

    wtf! all i can afford is cheap ass beer! I drink Natural Light ICE….most alcohol,for a low price and doesnt taste bad….not that many carbs as others either.

  77. Greg Alexanian says

    from Guinness
    " Thank you for your recent email. It is always good to hear from our loyal consumers. We are delighted to receive any feedback on our products and communications, as it keeps us in touch with the people that matter – you.

    In answer to your query the ingredients of Guinness are as follows : Brewing water
    Malt, Barley, Roast barley, Hops and Nitrogen. In addition, we use yeast to ferment the beer and isinglass to help clarify the beer. Nitrogen is important in producing the creamy head on the pint.

    I have contacted our Brewing /Technical Team who have confirmed that High Fructose Corn Syrup is not used in the production of Guinness.

    I hope the above information is helpful and I thank you for your interest in Guinness.

    Kind regards

  78. Greg Alexanian says

    Ben Sones

    FYI – FROM Guinness

    Thank you for your recent email. It is always good to hear from our loyal consumers. We are delighted to receive any feedback on our products and communications, as it keeps us in touch with the people that matter – you.

    In answer to your query the ingredients of Guinness are as follows : Brewing water
    Malt, Barley, Roast barley, Hops and Nitrogen. In addition, we use yeast to ferment the beer and isinglass to help clarify the beer. Nitrogen is important in producing the creamy head on the pint.

    I have contacted our Brewing /Technical Team who have confirmed that High Fructose Corn Syrup is not used in the production of Guinness.

    I hope the above information is helpful and I thank you for your interest in Guinness.

    Kind regards

  79. Frank French says

    Report is totally bogus. Bud does not contain/use corn. If the author had evidence that it did he would own AB.

  80. Darrell L. Sisson says

    Natural flavors?! OMG! My beer might have NATURAL FLAVORS in it?! Next you'll tell me that my beer might have chemicals in it!

    Did the author have a beer enema before writing this? This has to be one of the most ignorant, misleading load of bullshit I've ever seen.

    If you are the author, don't stop writing, just start submitting your work to The Onion.

  81. Robert McKnight says

    For those with gluten intolerance or who want to be wheat free there are more to avoid. Eg Stella Artois

  82. says

    How about if you just let us all decide for ourselves what we're going to drink? I love the idea that people should stop drinking the beers mentioned, not because of your food Nazi-ism but simply because they're crap and always have been. Let's be honest at least once, here: there will ALWAYS be somebody to screech about the negative effects of this or that. Doesn't matter what it is. I've seen similar criticism aimed at five of the beers you recommended as safe. Nobody's the ultimate authority on this and the misinformation floating around on food safety would fill the Library of Congress. You drink what you like and we'll all do the same. And then, if you have another slow day for subject matter, maybe you'll have to think hard enough to come up with something that is actually vital.

  83. says

    Corn has always been an adjunct in Budweiser, as is rice, along with the wheat and barley. Corn is in MOST of the mass-produced Pilsners and is being used by many craft brewers in making pre-Prohibition Lagers. It's no big deal and never has been…until the Lifestyle Police appointed themselves the final arbiters of what's right and proper, of course.

  84. Alex Milne says

    Eventually, the neo-Luddites with be so scared of everything that they'll just starve themselves to death. That will be one massive #DarwinAward

  85. Tricia Kilgour says

    Arlington Heights – I saw the 'Making of McNuggets' video a long time ago and have NEVER purchased them since. Sometimes I get tempted but then I remember that pink goop.

  86. says

    One last thing…WTF is "banoosh" anyway, that we should give a rat's ass about what anybody there thinks? You have a big button up there that clearly solicits submissions of articles by…anyone. Any opinionated bozo with fifteen minutes and a computer can get their name onto "banoosh"(?) Crowd-sourced "journalism" is egalitarian and PC and all but totally unreliable as a source of solid information. Was this a slow day at "banoosh"(?)? Ran outta things to write about, did ya? Oh, wait…I see. "Banoosh"(?) is actually Persian for "The Onion".

  87. says

    To me it don,t matter what you !! DRINK !! and what you !! EAT !! .. it only matter when it time for you to !! GO !! it time for you to !! GO !! ..Full stop .so !! EAT !! while you can and !! DRINK !! while you can .. before it to too late.. so enjoy the !! DRINK and enjoy your !! FOOD . Fellas.

  88. Justin Batt says

    Playing "mother nature" is dangerous. Its one thing for an organism to evolve over years adapting to the environment. Its another to speed up the process, and adpating the organism to our capitalist needs. Ruben- get your head out of the sand.

  89. says

    Mike Garson There is no science, at least that I have seen, to back this up. Making a GMO plant is not much different then the way we breed cattle to be productive. You select the good genes you want and leave out bad genes.

  90. says

    Talking about !! DRINK !! and !! EAT !! .. well, to me there is nothing wrong to it .. GMO .. AMMONIA .. MSG .. SALT .. SUGAR .. you name it ..only think i know is .. when it time for you to !! GO !! it time for you to !! GO !! .. So !! EAT !! and !! DRINK !! while you can life is short .so .!! ENJOY DRINKING and EATING !! Fellas.

  91. says

    Sound like a bunch of hippy fags. Everything is bad for you these days including the air. I'll keep drinking thanks though. And i make my own beer so f it

  92. says

    In a lifetime spent reading stupid things this may be the stupidest thing of all. Read "Nuts Among the Berries." This is a definite NUT. Folks, corn syrup is as bad for you as a flu vaccine? What's that? You don't get a flu vaccine? Let me guess: You don't have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance but you think gluten is bad for you. And carbs, right? And fish bladders? They're used as finings; to clarify. It's God's way of separating his chosen people from vegans.

  93. says

    Why is Guiness singled out for having fish bladder? It is a fining agent that has been used in wine and beer making for centuries. All of these beers amd every other sediment-free bee uses this, or worse, some modern chemical replacement.

  94. says

    Oh, and another glorious demonization of the acronym "GMO" achieved by the media… Read up on some facts, not some regurgitated bullshit that assumes everyone has a common (false) understanding of the negative connotations of the words used.

  95. says

    OMFG! I am read to start drinking beer, just to shut up those fucking anti-GMO morons. You know, perhaps Dr. Tyson shouldn't be doing "Cosmos"; we all know space is out there, it's cool and big, blah, blah, blah. He SHOULD be taking on the anti-vaxx, anti-GMO, pseudoscience crowd because THEY are far more dangerous.

  96. says

    Really, high fructose corn syrup made the list? I have yet to see anything that legitamitely shows that it is harmful. I avoid because I prefer real sugar but that is a choice not a harmful avoidance. Organic is better I totally agree, but stick to the truth and stop herding sheep.

  97. says

    Are you people stoopid or just band-wagon jumpers? I know the science may be hard for you to comprehend, and it has some Big Words that you may find hard to pronounce, but there is not ONE scrap of evidence, in all the 3,000 INDEPENDENT studies that indicates GMO's are harmful to human health. How about we use Facts, instead of Internet Driven Hysteria?

  98. says

    Sjoerd Prins Did you just invent that little tidbit from your tiny mind? Let me guess….you are neither a biologist, nor a chemist and probably couldn't pass an open-book high school science exam.

  99. David Liebman says

    Aside from the usual assumption that GMOs are harmful (despite the lack of evidence), and that HFCS is more harmful than regular sugar (despite accumulating evidence to the contrary)… why are "fish bladders" really harmful? Or insect-based dye? Natural flavors? Hm…

  100. says

    High fructose corn syrup is bad, yes, but this is article is making it seem comparable to arsenic or something. It's still found in probably 95% of food and beverage products.

  101. says

    I'll take synthesized pesticides used with non-organic foods over heavy metal containing pesticides found in organic foods. Organic DOES NOT mean that no pesticides or herbicides were used. It means that no synthetically engineered compound was used in those pesticides but instead they often contain heavy metals.

  102. Archaeological Grunt-James Morgan says

    Ah, but the problem with it is that those of us who are vegetarians have no way of knowing which beers have animal by products in them. Also what kind of affect does a breweries use of "fish guts" affect the fish populations which are already depleted?

  103. Natalie Phillips says

    I thought this was pretty dumb, too. Like corn syrup is going to stop us from drinking beer? Come on…

  104. James Wetzel says

    Archaeological Grunt-James Morgan I'm gonna bet they're not pulling fish out of the sea for the purpose of making Isinglass. I'm sure the swim bladders they use would otherwise be waste from the fish processing industry.

  105. James Wetzel says

    I think a better way to say it would have been that you prefer beers brewed without rice or corn syrup adjuncts. There is certainly a place for beers brewed with those ingredients…says the many billions of dollars made selling just those types of beers last year.

  106. says

    Bryan Baltz Rice is loaded with arsenic and if corn syrup is used as a feeding agent for yeast, stay away from it. Candida feeds on yeast which leads to all types of autoimmune disorders.

  107. James Wetzel says

    Kristi Overturf Stutt Please link to articles naming any of these bankrupted farmers who were sued by Monsanto for reasons other than illegally planting seeds protected by license agreement.

  108. Stephen Wenzel says

    GMO does not equal unhealthy! Do some research. Most GMO products are equally or more nutritious, healthy and robust than their "organic" counterparts. Almost 100 years of independent research confirms this. "Organic" is a fad, and only serves to provide yet another way for those with more income to differentiate themselves from those with less.

  109. says

    LOL @ all the people calling this untrue. There is one fact none can deny. It is that these are all absolutly HORRIBLE beers. Garbage in, garbage out. Seriously, go ahead and drink up if you like stuff that should never be in beer in the first place.

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